Holy cow, I have so much to get done. Now, I’m taking a break so I can make a to-do list and maybe wrap my head around all the stuff that’s going on. I also need to get my Life Planner in here so I can write everything down in it!

Here’s the stuff that’s been going on and I will someday maybe write blog entries about:

01. Cut my hours at Rainbow down to 15 a week, working from home. It was just too much for me otherwise.
02. Working at VSA a couple days a week for a project.
03. Went to the zoo with Aidan and Adam.
04. Went to Six Flags Great America with Aidan, Adam, and some friends I’ve known online for years.
05. Went to the ER with severe kidney-stone like pain which turned out to be something else completely (although they have not ruled out the possibility that a kidney stone may have occurred right before I got there).
06. Been dealing with a sick cat; Helena’s not been using the litter box very well for months and we took her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with a major UTI. Had to take her again yesterday for follow up because she doesn’t seem to be better. :(
07. Finally joined up with Young Living as an independent distributor. Which means OILS OILS OILS OILS OILS! Any of you interested in ordering therapeutic-grade essential oils, contact me!
08. Worked with Adam to redo our bookshelves after a shelf of books collapsed on me.
09. Got head shots done.

Here’s what needs to happen this week:

01. At least one day at VSA, probably more.
02. Moksha August newsletter.
03. Moksha fall teacher training newsletter.
04. Moksha Sukhava Bodhe newsletter.
05. Prep for Musecon, b/c I am teaching a yoga class there.
06. Loyola program sheets.
07. Eat the rainier cherries.

Here is what needs to happen in the (near) future:

01. Laundry
03. Blog posts about the rest of my June Disney trip.
04. Upload Six Flags pix to flickr and facebook.
05. Re-establish yoga practice.
06. Genius bar to figure out why my iPhone’s battery is draining like a mofo.
07. Completely unpack from my June Disney trip.

I’d like to do these things before Aidan leaves for Ohio but will probably run out of time before I can:

01. Go to the beach.
02. Go to Morton Arboretum.

Here is what I’d LIKE to happen sometime this year:

01. Make and order a photo book of my June Disney trip.
02. Start saving money again.
03. Visit at least one friend in another part of the country.
04. Start acting classes.
05. Have ONE day where I don’t find rogue cat turds somewhere in the apartment.

And finally, here is how I’d like to relax sometime in the next six months:

01. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.
02. Have a Twilight movie marathon.
03. Go to King Spa and soak in the hot tubs.
04. In fact, have a spa day in general, where I get a massage, pedicure, facial, and have to wear a robe and there are rose petals and glasses of pink champagne waiting for me.

So yeah, that’s what’s been up over here. Hopefully I’ll have time to write a more in depth entry soon. Till next time….

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