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Our second day at Disney World consisted of a trip to Epcot! It looked to be another wishy washy weather day, so once again, we all lugged along our ponchos and raincoats. I even brought my umbrella.

We started the day in The Land, where I got us Fast Passes for Soarin’. Then we went on Living with the Land, which my mom thought was really cool. Living With the Land is a favorite of mine because I love hearing about all the food they grow there, and the research they’re doing. And seeing everything growing is also really cool.

We walked around and did things as we were exploring–saw Captain EO, went into one of the Innovations buildings, and met some characters at the Character Spot. Now, back in MY day, the Character Spot had loads of characters to meet, even though it still felt rushed. But now, there are fewer characters, so the line goes quicker, but I was disappointed that Goofy wasn’t there, or Donald Duck, like they used to be.

But I wasn’t that disappointed. We still had fun with Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto, who were all sweet.

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Meeting Mickey Mouse

Meeting Minnie Mosue

Meeting Pluto

Of course, we tasted the sodas at Club Cool. I got video of Falandos tasting the infamous Beverly, but my camera would NOT FOCUS so I didn’t upload it. The the rain caught up to us. It poured for quite a while, and we hung out under the awning at Club Cool until it let it. Then we made our way to World Showcase. We stopped in some countries along the way, and we also ate at the America Pavilion because that’s easy. The rain had let up enough for us to sit outside and enjoy our lunch.

We played in some of the stores in the countries, but we didn’t have a lot of time to really explore. I remember last time I was there with Adam, we found places in the countries that we’d never seen before.

I had to take a photo from the bridge over the lagoon. I was so used to seeing this particular section of the park in February, when it looks like this:

Prettiness in Epcot

That it was neat to see it all green and lush in June:


We made our way back to Future World, where we took pictures and Aidan and I got Fast Passess for Mission Space. Then we headed to The Land again, because I do like the pavillion even though it can get crazy in there. Plus, it was time to redeem our Soarin’ FPs!

Soarin’ is when one of my favorite moments of the ENTIRE trip happened. We took off, and I glanced over at my mom. I have NEVER seen such a look of pure awe and joy on her face in my life. It was ADORABLE. On the other hand, Falandos looked like he wanted to poop his pants, and his reactions were cracking up the little girls on the other side of him. Riding Soarin’ with them was definitely one of the Top Five moments of my trip. I’ll never forget the look on her face.

The rain started full force, so when it came time for our FPs to be redeemed, Aidan and I braved the elements and went over while my mom and Falandos stayed in The Land and watched that Circle of Life movie and people watched. Aidan and I had a blast, splashing in puddles and walking barefoot. The rain had scared a lot of people away, and plus, Epcot is so spread out that walking barefoot feels really good and liberating. I’d NEVER walk barefoot in Magic Kingdom–I’d get my toes crushed in a heartbeat.

By the time Aidan and I made it back, it was time to check in for dinner at The Garden Grill! :) I was really excited for this because this was my mom’s time to FINALLY meet Chip & Dale, her favorites!!

Here she is with Dale. So cute! :)


I also adore this picture of Aidan, Chip, and Falandos!


We had a wonderful dinner, and then we just randomly explored a bit more. Rode Spaceship Earth, went to some shops, and then ended up catching part of Illuminations. We were on our way out the park, but the fireworks started and well, if you leave in the middle of fireworks at Disney World, there is something very strange about you. So we didn’t get to see the huge display with the Earth and stuff, but we saw the high, loud stuff and that was just fine.


aidan sitting with my mom during the fireworks

My mom said that Epcot was her favorite of the parks, and that Soarin’ was her favorite attraction. Despite the rain, it really was a pleasant and relaxing day. :)

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