Hello! So sorry for the silence. I was off in the Big Apple causing trouble visiting some friends and seeing the sights. Here’s my entry for week 7 in the 30 week blog challenge!

My blog’s name is Anywhere Is. It’s my favorite song ever. I became an Enya fan when I was in college, and I was in a record store when I realized they had a new CD of hers out: The Memory of Trees. I liked what I was hearing in the store, so I bought the CD. I didn’t hear Anywhere Is until I was home and listening to it in my Aiwa CD player.

I heard the song. And was instantly in love. I’d put on my headphones and put the song on repeat, and literally listen to it for hours.

My former roommates said they think of me whenever they hear the song. :)

When I decided to get a domain back in 2000 (This was a big decision–only the most elite blogs/sites were supposed to use domains, and mine wasn’t that. I didn’t care.), anywhere-is.net was the only name that would work for me. And it was available. I worried slightly the Enya’s team would come after me, but they never did. And here I am, nearly 13 years later, with the same domain name, still blogging.

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