This week’s blog challenge topic is “things you love”.

All right then. This will be a fun one because it will encourage me to think positively, something I have a hard time with when it gets colder out.

Things I Love

aidan · adam · my mommy · my family
my kitties · my friends · Pandernoodle · Boji
reading · laughing · shopping · writing
buying new books · going to the library
spaghetti · sushi · tater tots
disney world · traveling · trees
taking pictures · doing yoga · giving gifts
when people tell me i’m pretty
getting my picture taken · being on tv/movie sets · action!
curly hair · sparkling eyes · awesome socks · geeky toys
dharma talks · mysticism · kirtan · spirit
dolls · teddy bears · princesses · faeries
pink · purple · silver
christmas · autumn leaves · blue skies
summertime · hot days · starry nights · crescent moons

I also love getting comments, so please comment and tell me what you love!

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