The temperatures are slowly climbing, then sinking, then climbing, then sinking. Spring always comes very slowly to Chicago, but this year it’s been the slowest I’ve ever seen it. The trees are just now starting to make leaves. And it’s still too chilly for me!

But at least the temperatures ARE rising. That’s something to be grateful for. And we’ve had a few sneak peaks of what’s to come once the weather breaks for good, and it was nice. I even wore shorts out one day. Loved it.

Aidan had his Spring break already and we had a lot of fun. He’s such an awesome kid. Eating everything and all the time now. Definitely growing. Almost too fast!



My friend Tami asked how does Aidan keep looking older but I never age? :) Me looking so young used to be my nemesis when I was a teenager. Now I love it. The reaction when I tell people my age never ever gets old.

Although I’m seeing more grey hairs than I used to.

I’ve been experimenting with makeup. I’ve been pretty much makeup free for years, but recently I’ve been playing with colors again. I like to stay pretty light and natural, but sometimes I want to do dramatic things with my eyes to make them pop. The funny thing is that what I do is definitely not all that dramatic! I don’t do the winged eyeliner or the smokey eye or anything like that. But I am falling for eyeliner and all the funny colors they have. So I’ve been having fun with that. In this picture, I’m wearing eye liner, shadow, and mascara.

Hi It's Me!

If I do anything to my eyes, that’s pretty much all I do. But I change up the eye liner colors and the shadow colors sometimes, just to see what I can see. Oh and concealer under my eyes to mask the dark circles? Priceless.

I’ve been feeling ungrounded because I lost my life planner. I KNOW. I got a Bloom planner as a substitute but it’s sooo not the same. I miss my big ole life planner with all its spaces to write and put things. I know it has to be somewhere in this apartment–I don’t believe I took it outside in a long time. The last I remember having it was April 1, on the couch or in the bedroom. So it has to be around here.

Now, my room is a hot falling down mess, and I just need to clean it and I’m sure the thing will turn up. But yeah. Cleaning. Hmm. I’ll have a lot of time to devote to *that* particular chore next weekend.

I’ve been working onsite for VSA, entertaining guests, and getting used to driving my car again. It hadn’t been moved since November, so needless to say, it was pretty dead. And one of the back wheels was stuck. That was due to brake issues. The battery just needed a good recharge, which it got while I was waiting for the tow truck to take Little Ronica to the garage a few weeks ago. Now she’s all fixed and running again, and I drove her around a bit today. Feels good to drive again. I do enjoy driving, but only when the traffic is light or I’m out in the country and it’s night.

There was a s00j show last week and it was awesome! And I got to see her at the end of March as well. I always love hanging out with her and with Ryan. :)

Sound checking. #s00j
s00j rehearsing with Alexander James Adams

Yuck. I have to apologize for the picture quality. For some reason, my iPhone’s camera has been failing a lot, even in natural light, and I don’t know why. It’s a decent camera and I used to get really great pictures with it. I think part of the problem is that I need to quit using the “enhance” tool in the phone. That makes it all grainy and yucky. And… I just need to get used to carrying around my DSLR or my point and shoot again. I just can’t with these grainy yucky photos anymore.

For example. This should have been a super cool photo:

Herbs for making lavender incense.

My friend Hilary came over and we made lavender incense. This was all the herbs and resins she used. Lavender, myrrh, rose, and more. It looked so pretty. And this picture looks like crap. Bah. It’s time for me to make the good camera my primary camera again. Yep.

Other than that, nothing much as been going on. I’ve been craving sushi all the time as usual. We’ve been eating at a cool placed called Chi-Town Eatery. The guys who work there are super cool. Yesterday I ate at Sunrise Cafe and had the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life. It had cheddar cheese, brie, and swiss, and ham on sourdough. And tator tots on the side. SO MUCH YUM. (Adam and I eat out a LOT.)

May is going to be so busy! I have something planned for almost every weekend, and I’ll probably be getting in some freelance work (which is good, more $$ is always good!). I’m working onsite for VSA again, and acting classes start up again May 6. There’s a retreat, travel to Normal, IL, and visiting friends. I will try to take a lot of photos, and also try to figure out WTF is going on with my phone camera that photos are coming out so crappy suddenly.

And… I think that’s all for now. I now have a purring kitty on my lap and he’s also trying to hold my hand down so I can stop typing and pay him attention I presume. So, till next time….

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