Month: April 2015

finding joy.

Let’s face it. It’s been a rough weekend and start of the week. What with the earthquake and avalanche on Everest, the uprisings in Baltimore…so much life lost. There is a lot to make my heart heavy.

And yet, life goes on all over the world. That means good things along with the bad things. Is it okay for me to find joy when times are so troubled?

Blossoms!!! #spring #Chicago #tree ????????

Here are the things making me happy right now:

Meeting author friends who are positive and amazing.

Tuesday, I got to see Susane Colasanti again. The last time I saw her was in 2010. She’s one of my favorite authors because she is so positive. She dreams big, chases those dreams, and achieves them. She’s beautiful on the inside as well as outside, and her brightness is contagious. I am so LUCKY to know her.

So grateful I got to see @susanecolasanti, author of @citylovetrilogy. The last time I saw her was five years ago. She's such an inspiration to me. ???????? I know so many amazing people. My cup runneth over. #author #booksigning #inspirat

This was us in 2010:

Susane Colasanti and Me


I got another @mantraband today! ???? #mantraband #jewelry #believe #love

I wear these bracelets called mantrabands. They’re so pretty and such an easy reminder to keep certain words, thoughts, and feelings going through my head. My friend Reshma put the idea in my head a few weeks ago when she was in town for the weekend. (I miss her so much.) She wears them. I saw them a few days later at The Dailey Method and grabbed one, fell in love and ordered another one online that night!

My Mickey Mouse beanie

I really like this hat. #disneyside #mickeymouse #selfie #latergram

Boy do I love this beanie. I picked it up from Hot Topic one day on a whim and have been attached to it every since.

It’s Spring!

Blossoms!!! #spring #Chicago #tree ????????

Trees are blooming all over Chicago! I need to go out and take pictures. They’re so pretty and my favorite tree down the street is pink and bright and beautiful so I HAVE to get photos of that. Soon, the lilacs will be out.

Temps are holding steady in the mid to upper 50s during the day, and that feels a lot nicer when it’s sunny out than when it’s rainy out. We haven’t had a crazy amount of rain, though, and I’m OK with that. I’ll be excited when the temps are in the lower to mid 70s and holding, but that won’t be for a while. But hey, I will take this over freezing, snow, and ice.

Finding joy in the little things every day helps when the big bad things threaten to overwhelm me. There is so much in our world that’s broken and sometimes I just wish I had the resources, time, and energy to fix it all. But I can’t, and I have to be okay with that. I just have to do what I can and hope it’s good enough.

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Wow. Such green. Very spring. #Chicago #spring #tree ????

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)
A Different World (Netflix)
Dance Moms (when I remember)

My new bags!

listening to.
Kodak to Graph
Annelise Collete

yoga pants

driving again
acting class
reading all the things

lots of turkey sandwiches and doritoes

looking forward to.
my and Aidan’s epic summer trip


against the grain.

A few years ago, I posted about things that people seemed to love but that I didn’t like or that baffled me. I don’t think I ever posted a counter to that, which is the things I like that other people seem to hate. So, here are a few.

Food pictures on instagram. I actually really enjoy seeing people’s food photos. I like seeing the meals they’re preparing, I like seeing the food plated. Now what I DON’T like seeing is the finished plate. Dirty dishes are freaking disgusting to me, saliva is gross to me, so seeing someone’s fork with food smears still on it? Sick. Why would you post that? But show me a colorful salad, a pile of fries, a juicy burger, and we can be friends.

Baby pictures on facebook. YAY show me your cute little babies! Babies are adorable and cute and a nice way to start people. There are people out there who hate seeing babies, and I don’t get it. There’s just something about that sweet innocence that gives me so much hope and makes me happy.

Dubstep/EDM. Well, actually, I listen more to “chillstep” which is slower, more melodic, and less harsh. Examples would be Blackmill or Electus. I like the way it sucks me into a dream world. It stimulates my brain and inspires my writing like crazy. And I’ve always liked some form of electronic music. Techno. House music. Trance. This is just another form, but seriously, slow it down, add some female vocals, and my ears are happy!

That’s all I have the brain power for now. Sometimes my computer’s clock decides not to advance until I click on it, so I lose time. Tonight I lost 2.5 hours. It took me a minute to realize “oh hey, it’s been 11:54pm for a long time now!” So I’m sleepy. Good night!

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