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10 Random Things
(you may or may not have known about me)

I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I have ideas on the way certain industries are run, and the way certain institutions are upheld. But I don’t talk about them too much because well, conspiracy theorists aren’t looked upon very favorably. And I don’t believe the really out there stuff, although I find it fascinating.

I hate when I’m in a car with someone, and the driver has a drink and keeps drinking it when the car is moving. I don’t know why this bothers me, but it has for at least twenty years now.

How am I talking about stuff in multi-decades ago? I am truly in denial about how old I am, until the neighbors start making noise and I want to put on a robe, wrap my hair in curlers, and wave my cane.

(I don’t really have a cane.)

I never used to consider myself anxious, but I’m finding that I feel it more and more, especially when I go out. I am such a homebody, so I’d rather stay inside or in the neighborhood. But it’s getting to the point where even crossing Grand Ave to get my favorite sushi ever freaks me out. The street has four-way stop signs, but people rarely wait their turns, and they speed up so fast they nearly run the signs. All the time. Every time I have to cross it, I worry it’s going to be the last thing I ever do. I try to do everything on the side of Grand Ave I don’t have to cross to get to. Even if the sushi place on that side costs more.

Maybe that’s a normal fear and not exactly anxiety. But explain why I had to close my eyes and take deep breaths when I was at Damon, North, and Milwaukee, one of those diagonal and SUPER heavy with traffic intersections? I used to be able to sit in the passenger seat and be OK, but the other day, I started sweating and freaking out. So much was going on. Loads of pedestrians, bicycles, cars, and I don’t remember a bus but it wouldn’t surprise me if one was around. It was just too much.

Disney is going to be interesting next week. I guess the best I can do is make sure I am on top of things with my medication and remember to breathe.

I don’t like being in the kitchen to cook or fix my plate if other people are in there. Everyone gets in my way and I want to be free to move around as I please to satisfy my weird food quirks in peace.

I feel the same way about buffets. It’s part of the reason I rarely schedule buffet meals at Disney World anymore. The kids take forever to decide and their parents take so long to put the food, and also kids are little and easy to trip over (not a good idea with a plate full of hot food). I like all-you-can-eat options, which is why we tend to go for the “family style” restaurants, where they bring platters of food to you, and you can request refills on whatever you like.

I tend to wait until the last minute to pack for trips or vacations. I think it’s because I am so superstitious, I worry about things falling through. It’s weird, I know. But I guess the thought of having to unpack stuff depresses me more than rushing at the last minute to make sure I don’t forget all the stuff I need.

Piggy backing off #6, I’ve inherited more of my grandmother’s superstitiousness than I thought. Hers was way more traditional, like, don’t use scissors on Sunday or the devil will get you. Or don’t throw hair away because a bird will make a nest with it and give you a headache. Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe those aren’t so traditional? Although I think the scissors one was based on not working on Sundays and keeping them holy. My superstitions are based more on really random things. That I’m too superstitious about to even mention here.

I used to think I was smart, bucking them by loving Friday the 13th, and by owning a black cat. But I guess some things like got hardwired whether I wanted them to or not.

Notebooks, pens, and bags are my weakness. I even have a bag from The Strand that looks like a composition notebook. And it’s filled with notebooks.

Sometimes I get irrationally angry when I have to use the bathroom.
What? I can almost always think of something better I’d rather be doing!

I love learning about writing craft. I mean, really love it. I read craft websites all the time. I try to apply the things I’ve learned to my own writing. It’s interesting to see which things are timeless, which only apply to certain things, and which are pretty useless. I enjoy learning so much, but I don’t know if I should pursue that MFA. The thought of graduate school has been in the back of my mind for years and always gets louder whenever it’s “copyedit the Loyola program sheets” time, but I have a lot lot lot of thinking to do before even considering it. I just want to be amazing writer who crafts amazing stories. So I have to think. And think. And think.

Ok then, that’s ten. Next time you hear from me will likely be a Disney trip report! Only one week till I’m there! So excited!

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