color(s): pink, purple
relative: my hubby, my son, my mommy, my niece Lola
word: banana
way(s) to relax: write, read, listen to music, surf the net, play computer games
notebook/journal: Paperchase, Moleskine
pen: pilot g2-07 gel pens, sharpie pens, papermate inkjoy gel pens, steadtler fineliners
beanie baby: Bones the Dog
stuffed animal: my Pandernoodle
animal: giraffe, panda
body part: ear, eyes
quote: “A room without books is like a body without a soul” – Cicero

place: Disney World
movies: Saved!, Clueless, Mean Girls, Love Simon
actors: *Theo James*, Aaron Lohr, David Tennant
actresses: Shailene Woodley, Drew Barrymore, Karen Gillen, Catherine Tate, Lana Parilla, Ruth Kearney
model: Rose Bertram, Thania Peck, Anais Mali
TV show: Once Upon a Time, Dance Academy, Jane the Virgin, You
song: Anywhere Is by Enya
book: too many to name!
book genre: young adult/teen
author: Nicola Yoon, Jennifer Niven, Sarah Dessen, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Perkins, Sandhya Menon, Becky Albertalli, Ashley Herring Blake, Maureen Goo, Rachel Lynn Solomon and so many more
comic: Foxtrot, Calvin and Hobbes
play: Plaza Suite (Visitor from Forest Hills)
type of music: house, trance, rave, pop, folk, new age, Celtic, film scores, alternative, chill step, 90s
music video: Cryin’ by Aerosmith

food: spaghetti, sushi, sandwiches
pizza: pepperoni
ice cream: chocolate
fruit: golden delicious apples, peaches, red grapes, clementines
healthy snacks: Zone double dark chocolate bars, peaches, red grapes
junk food snack(s): double chocolate chunk Rice Krispies Treats with M&M minis, Reese’s Pieces, Doritos, Cape Cod Chips
fast food: Mcdonald’s
amusement park food: french fries
fair food: roasted corn, deep fried pineapples, funnel cake
restaurant(s): Butterfly Sushi
drink: cherry juice, water, Tang, Kool-Aid, clementine Sanpelligrino
alcoholic drink: amaretto sour, grape crush (from The Sugar Factory)

sport: gymnastics
computer game: Bejeweled 3, The Sims 4
video game: LEGO Harry Potter
roller coaster: Millennium Force at Cedar Point, Expedition Everest at Disney World, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World
ground ride: The Troika at Cedar Point
amusement park: Cedar Point (as if you couldn’t guess!)
theme park: Walt Disney World, Disneyland
fair: the Ohio State Fair
fair ride: Power Surge

perfume: Shi by Alfred Sung, Close by Gap, Stay by Gap, Arboretum by Library of Flowers, Giulietta by Tocca
cosmetic brand: LUSH, Benefit, ColourPop, Tarte, Fenty
cosmetics: matte lip color, eye liner, mascara, lip gloss
shower gel: Caress daily silk, LUSH The Olive Branch
bar soap: Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild
lotion: Arbonne lavender
shampoo: LUSH Fairly Traded Honey
conditioner: Carol’s Daughter anti-frizz, Moroccan Oil EVERYTHING, coconut oil
toothpaste: Sensodyne, any variety
mouthwash: Listerine Smart Rinse

nature & time
flower: daisies, lilacs, lilies, wildflowers
tree: sugar maple, weeping willow
day: Saturday
time of day: late night
season: autumn
holiday: Christmas
type of weather: partly sunny