!!!! Revisited

On November 21, 2005, I posted an OMG post, and promised you details soon.

Soon is NOW.

In November, I got the opportunity to speak with literary agent Ethan Ellenberg. He’s such a great guy and had a lot of nice things to say about my book. The revisions (which there weren’t many at all) were things I was completely on board with. I mailed them to him and waited relatively patiently for him to get back to me. I heard from him over the weekend. He’s happy with my revisions and wants to move forward! :)

Today, I am officially signing with The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. I am honored and excited to be working with such a great agent!

I’m still in a state of shock/disbelief/excitement. :)

Today is a GOOD day.

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Woo Hoo for Saturday! (Pictures)

Check THIS out:

OH YEAH. I got to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today!!!!! YAY for brother-in-laws who call radio stations and win screening passes, woohoo. My favorite quote from the move:

Crouch: The Chinese Fireball. Oooooo.

I’m definitely NOT going to give away any spoilers, but I do want to say that the guy who played Cedric Diggory… mm-hmm. HOT. The movie was good, definitely a LOT darker than previous versions. A lot was cut from the book–most of it I was glad about. Ha. I enjoyed it, and sat there thinking “I can’t even believe I’m sitting here watching this already!” And let me say that Ron’s first line in the film is hilarious, and there are some great dialogue exchanges that had me laughing out loud. GO SEE IT. Well, on Friday, like the rest of the little people (TOTALLY KIDDING!). It’s good stuff.

And look what else is happening to our house. Yes, this is our house/yard. OH DEAR.

YESSSS! It’s that time of year again and I am excited. I bought a Harry Potter ornament for the tree, and exactly ONE Christmas present so far. I’m going to start shopping tomorrow night during the Magical Night of Giving (Link) at Polaris Fashion Place. That should be really excting and fun. Yay! Also, Santa makes his debut, so hopefully I can get a picture of/with him.

Can you believe it? I am sick again. Nothing like before–but my throat’s been bothering me the past few days and I’m stuffy. :( So yeah, I’m glad it’s the weekend.

And… I know some of you keep telling me not to, but sometimes, I really AM tempted to give up a certain HUGE dream of mine. But we’ll see. This will probably pass again.

Hmm. I guess that’s all for now. Ack. It’s only 5:45ish and it’s already getting dark out. :( I miss the long days.


P.S. The Buckeyes kicked BOOTAY today!!!!

EDIT 7:01pm

The Christmas Lights are up. Yes, insanely early, but hey, in Ohio, we must take advantage of the nice weather! :)

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Happy Birthday To Me!!

Well, with the exception of my laptop computer breaking and my windshield wiper fluid going on strike (YES I filled it and yes it’s in the right place), I can honestly say that this is the best birthday I’ve ever had. My party Saturday night was amazing. So many people came. So many!!! I’ve never felt so loved and popular! They drove all the way out to celebrate my birthday, and Charla came all the way from C-town. Some of them gave me presents, and I got 38927432899 hugs. Most of my favorite people in the world were there, and those who weren’t (you know who you are) had good reason. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to post pictures.

I cleaned up on presents too. I scored a total of $60 in Best Buy gift cards (plus I got $25 in the mail from the inlaws), adorable journals, the best card ever from Emily plus a cool book, Curious perfume, DDR and a dance pad (!!! Ivy swankivy !!!), Punky Brewster DVDs, candles, lotions, an iTunes gift card, a Michael’s gift card, the soundtrack to Wicked, and probably some other stuff I can’t remember at the moment! :) My friends know me all too well. And love me all too well!!

And I love them!

After the party wound down, Bizzy (otaku_witch) and I stayed up til 5am talking, with Emily (yoimemily) popping in and out of sleep to join in every once in a while. I got to talk to Dave online too. :)

The next day, I had church and then Charla, her cousin Teressa and Christian (Charla’s son) and I had lunch at Steak and Shake. Good times, man. Good times.

Tonight, a bunch of us are going to see the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. I’m excited about that. I wanted to see it with my friends, and I’m excited to see Rob and Emily and Becky tonight!! I’m going to be so late, though, thanks to my dumb computer. Boo. BUT that’s showing me how awesome Tyler is, because he said he’d look at it even though his friends are in town and he doesn’t get to see them that often.

Anyway, today is my birthday. I’d completely forgotten. I woke up still kind of upset because of my computer, and very tired because I didn’t get to bed til nearly 3am. I got dressed and checked my email on the desktop, and it didn’t even register why I had an eCard in my inbox. I didn’t check it til later, though, because I was starting to run late. I went to work and still didn’t remember until I saw a Happy Birthday greeting in my inbox from Craig. I was happy he remembered, but a little bit sad as I reflected on no longer being in my 20s. Being the big 30. So weird.

I’d written a letter to myself earlier this year. It’s too private too post. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown since then, but also how much I’ve remained the same. I’ll have to read it again later, when I have time. If I have time. I miss my laptop so much. *sigh*

But it’s time to go. Later, gators!

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