Nothing, Really

Today, I had a doctor’s appointment. I love this doctor, and I’m not dreading going to see her again next month. And for not having insurance, the cost wasn’t prohibitive at all. Thank God I have a wonderful finace who cares about me and who takes care of me. I’d have never gone to see her without his insistence. Basically, I have been emotionally off for months now, and although I realize that most of it’s because I’m going through a million different adjustments at once, the fact that I am ALWAYS feeling an underlying sadness, irritable, and impatience among other stuff is a problem. So it’s time to see what I can do. I have two months worth of prescription samples, and the other prescription I had to fill cost me only $10.99. :) We’ll see what happens.

After that, Adam, Aidan, and I hit Strack & Van Til for some name brand groceries (oh shoot, I forgot lunch meat!). Strack & Van Til is less expensive than the other stores around here (except ALDI); the prices are comparable to what I paid in Columbus for groceries. They also sell Granola Dipps there, but I don’t know how long that is going to last. I think I got the last box. :O And Vitamin Water is 10 for $10. Some places charge $1.99 for one bottle. Now, if they only had BBQ Fritos….

Then we did a bad thing. We went in to Best Buy. And I got that pink camera I’ve been wanting for months. Adam stood there and convinced me to get it, telling me that I was going to end up buying it before Disney anyway, and that I should get it while it was on sale (it was $20 off today), and that it would be GREAT to have in the Disney parks, especially at night, when I might not want to tote around the SLR. SO, I got it. I’m still not convinced I won’t talk myself into returning it, so I haven’t opened it yet. But I probably will open it and enjoy having a little camera to carry around with me. :)

(Adam is telling me to stop feeling guilty about buying it).

I’m sure the bank is scratching its head, because I don’t spend money like this regularly.

Today I drove again for the first time in several weeks. For some reason, I feel a great deal of anxiety driving here, and I really shouldn’t. I mean, I KNOW how to get to the grocery stores and to Target and Kohl’s and Best Buy. And anything else, I can take the bus or the train or walk because those stores are downtown. I’ve been very tempted to sell the car, pay off the balance with the money, and go to not owning a car anymore. Someone broke into my car AGAIN over the weekend and stole my emergency roadside kit. I am getting frustrated with having to get windows replaced every six weeks because people are assholes. This time they broke the window that goes up and down, but Adam found a place that charges only $65. More than half what the other places charge. Still, it’s an expense that’s ridiculous and annoying. Plus insurance (although mine has gone down woo!), and the car payment, plus the $120 yearly fee one has to pay JUST for owning a car in Chicago, and the same for registration. I don’t drive it enough to justify all that, so we were thinking of doing the iGo or Zipcar thing (car sharing, about $15 a month for three hours of usage, which is perfect for groceries and such, and the fees cover insurance, gas, etc.). I’d be sad to get rid of my car…. seems like I’m constantly giving up something by living here, but it would be good for the environment and good for my wallet. But I kind of want to hold on to it until I find full-time work. If I can’t find a job downtown and have to commute, I’ll need a car for that.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m eyeing the camera, still in the bag and in its box, and inching a little closer to opening it. :) I’ll let you know.

‘Til next time!

ETA at 5:40pm I opened the camera and I LOVE IT. :D

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Cold Hands…Yours, Too.

So, armed with a broom, a windshield brush/scraper, and a dustpan, I went outside faced with the task of digging out my car. It wasn’t so bad at first, and I was moving within 20 minutes or so. THEN I got stuck. Couldn’t figure out WHY I was getting stuck. All the stuff was dug from under my car. But my wheels were spinning. Was thinking of why I didn’t have a shovel, and then realizing “Wait! There is an emergency kit in my trunk! I bet there’s a shovel in there!” Sure enough, there was a shovel in there. I put it together and was able to reach farther under the car to dig out crap. But my wheels were still spinning and the slush was packed hard under my tires. I figured the slush was what had the wheels spinning.

I sat glaring at the minivan that was parked too close to me, then felt bad when the minivan owner came out and gave me a push. YAY I was free. I went to the overflow lot, hoping for a cleared out spot back there, but there were none. There were, however, possible Places To Get Stuck, so I did a 34489549 point turn to avoid them, came out, started shoveling out my own spot, glanced at some spots closer to the front of the building, thought “screw all this shoveling” and went and took a nice, cleared out spot. I should be fine and dandy tomorrow, and I am not going ANYWHERE tonight! Don’t want to lose that spot!

All in all, the whole thing took about two hours, which isn’t too bad, and hey, I got excercise. And learned to shovel snow. Definite practice for when I move to Chicago in 8 (!!) days.

In addition, I packed up some of my kitchen, all of my jewelry, all of my underwear and socks (except for what I’ll need the next several days), talked to my mom (omg my phone bill will be ugly. Thank God it’ll be my last one, I can take my time paying it), and everything on my dresser top and some nightstand stuff too. I also cleaned my stove and washed the dishes. :)

Things to do this week:
– call rental office about furniture disposal
– call and arrange for transfer of gas and electric bills back to Clintonville Commons
– finish packing kitchen
– pack computer stuff
– pack important papers
– take loads of stuff to Goodwill
– take out buttloads of trash
– call Dr. Passias and Dr. Kowalewsky for medical records
– deposit checks and transfer money to main bank account
– send-off dinner at La Chatelaine with co-workers (and I am GETTING a dessert this time!)

Anything else? Those of you have have relocated, what kinds of things did you need to do/wrap up? My credit union is already aware that my car title will need to be re-registered. (ETA: Mail forwarding order already put in.)

I have 3485489375 pounds of laundry to do. I wonder if there is a laundry service I could use just this once. I am going to look into it, seriously. Or I could hit the place that has free wi-fi and a bar. I’m also willing to drop it off and pick it up later that day while I do what other stuff I need to do before I move out of town. Bwah. So, let me add to the list:

– call a laundry service; one that does pick up and delivery for price quote. Thank God I have Thursday and Friday off, that’s all I’m saying.

Lucy is acclimated to her carrier and often goes in there just to relax. That makes me very happy. It’ll be somewhat easy to get her in there in moving day, I hope.


By Tuesday, temps are supposed to be in the mid-40s. YAY get rid of all the icky slushy snow, please! How many times can I say I’m looking forward to spring?

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A Good Day (Pictures)

First thing was that I got a text from my Adam telling me Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥

The work day went pretty quickly, with chocolate chip cookies, M&Ms, and a trip to Yankee Trader, where I found stationery for a penny a package!

A Darn Good Deal!
I got 12, but the guy only charged me for 10. :)

The rubber duckies on my desk celebrated the day and the season:

Quackity Quack!

I wish I’d been photographing the duckies all along, I have tons of them. Ah well, I can continue the tradition NOW, and pick up and continue once I’m settled and employed in Chicago.

And jamz tagged me for a Handwriting meme. YAY Handwriting!!!


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You’re On My Radar

So… the new Britney Spears album leaked, apparently, because I’ve been able to listen to it. Non-stop. For the past few days. And it is SO GOOD. Seriously. I’m not joking. I remember years ago, being obsessed with the song Toxic. This time around, it’s Radar. And Break The Ice. And Ooh Ooh Baby. Piece Of Me is pretty good, too. The songs just bounce around in my head and I love it because they’re so great!

Anyway, even though she herself is having a rough time of it, her music is still fun.

Years ago, me and my BFF Charla used to have what was known as the three-song rule. If we liked three songs from any album, then the album was worth buying. That was back when singles were HUGE, but not cheap. At $3.49 a single, three of those came close to equaling the price of a new album. I always bought the singles anyway because they usually had some sort of remix or bonus song on them. When I can, I still hunt down singles and imports for that very purpose.

There have been a few times I’ve broken the three-song rule. It may have been based on artist loyalty. There are some albums I’ll get no matter what, just because of who sings them. Along those lines were New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul, etc, back in the day. Now, with me being more and more frugal, I can’t go out and buy albums like I used to, but I tend to still stick to that rule. If I’m going to drop money on an album, I’d better like at least three of the songs.

Although, I heard one measure of Sarah McLachlan’s Afterglow album and had to have it right away. One measure. I knew from one measure of one song that I’d love that album. And I do love that album.

My musical taste is varied. I listen to such a variety of stuff that it’s impossible for me to choose any one favorite type of music. It’s also hard for me to pinpoint any favorite artist because I get fixated, then I change and get fixated on someone else. Like, right now, I am into this new Britney stuff, and I love Rent, both the Broadway and the movie soundtracks, and I keep digging out The Crüxshadows, especially Deception.

These are just a few of the songs that will always remind me of 2007:

Glamorous – Fergie
Breakin’ Dishes – Rihanna
Forca – Nelly (I realize it’s old but it’s relatively new to me)
all the Britney songs I listed above
Way I Are – Timbaland

I’ll make a list later.

I realized that I CANNOT listen to Rent while I’m trying to work. It’s way too distracting. Most of them time, I have no problem listening to music with words in it while I am working. I know some of the other editors say they read the words they’re listening to instead of the words on the page. I’d never had the problem before, until I tried to work on Language Support stuff and kept getting distracted and listening to the story of Rent instead of concentrating on the pages. So yes, if I’m doing the Language Support work, then no Rent. But if I’m doing Word Sort, which is mindless checking, then Rent all the way baby!

I recently got Miss Saigon out of the library and for some reason, I can listen to THAT while I am working on Language Support. Curious, that.

I finished reading a bunch of books this week. One of them is called Enchantress, and it’s part 3 of the Sisters of Isis series. I never cared much for fantasy, outside of Harry Potter, in the recent years, and it took some coaxing to get me to start reading Harry Potter. This year, I decided to broaden my horizons, and it started with the Leven Thumps books. So, I’ve been picking up fantasies here and there to see what I could see. The most memorable ones I’ve read this year was Wicked Lovely, my beloved Leven Thumps books, and of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So, the author of Enchantress is a best-selling author and she’s got tons of other series out. I find that I spend a lot of time getting so frustrated at the girls in these Sisters of Isis books. I am trying to have patience with the characters, but they’re so clumsy and awkward! I mean, I try to empathize. I suppose if I one day found out I was a Descendant and had to fight, oh, I don’t know, EVIL from destroying all of humankind, and that I had all these powers and my supposed “mentor” wasn’t helping me at all, I’d be a bit out of sorts, too. I GET THAT. But it seems like they kind of stumble into these huge messes of ancient evil and curses, and then they somehow pop themselves out. It’s hard for me to buy some of the scenes. In the first book they ended up basically in hell, but they were like “like, oh my God, like, is this hell?” and then they somehow managed to pop themselves out without too much trouble. Or they’re in Ancient Egypt–they’ve actually TIME TRAVELED because they have some stuff to take care of to SAVE HUMANITY, and the one girl is like “I hope we get back before the party ends.” HUH????? Are teenagers really that self-absorbed, that they’re in a battle for THEIR souls as well as you know, the WORLD’S, that they’re going to be like “I need to get back before the party ends”???? I mean, YOU’RE the one who went there in the first place to save the world… by your own choice….I dunno, I keep having hard time with the books. So now, by this time, I’m reading because I’m too vested in the book and it’s lunchtime and I’m alone and I don’t have anything else to read. Then, the author throws in this really sweet ancient Egyptology or an awesome battle scene and then I’m like “Okay, I HAVE to read the next one.” In Enchantress, she had this one meathead of a guy named Brian say something that I still can’t get out of my head. “Sweet damn.” I mean, is that a great use of the words “sweet” and “damn” or what? I loved it and laughed for ten minutes after. I still laugh when I think about it. I wish I’D thought of that. I mean, “Sweet damn.” I can totally hear a teenage guy doing it.

I might have to start saying it. :)

I am not sure if I’ll bother to pick up #4, though. We’ll see.

Got my car serviced today, finally. I got the long-needed transmission flush, an oil change, fluids topped off, and the air in my tires inflated. So now, I will feel better about driving longer distances. Lately, I’ve been keeping it under 20 miles. Mostly I just commute to work, which is an 11-mile commute each way. It’s been FANTASTIC for my fuel budget, let me tell you. I’ve been filling up every other week. When I lived in Pataskala, I had to get gas twice a week. The notes on the page say that there was metallic residue in the drip pan from the transmission. That makes me kind of nervous. Next month will be the radiator flush thing. Who knows the last time I got one of those. I also need to do is figure out now to fix my passenger side mirror, as it’s completely shattered and hanging off the mirror-holder thing. I’m thinking it’s going to be a while before I get that fixed, though. I don’t anticipate that being cheap AT ALL.

I’ve introduced Aidan to Tom & Jerry, and he thinks it’s the best thing ever. Target had Tom & Jerry DVDs for $5.50. I got him one last week and one this week, with a gift card that Rosa (meimeigui) had sent me. And… get this. My DVD player died yesterday. I had the thing for about oh, say, eight months or so. It won’t play DVDs anymore. It says “WRONG DISC” and won’t load. So, thanks to this gift card, I was able to get a new one. A BRAND NAME one, instead of a generic one. The one that broke is gfm or something like that. This new one is Philips. Not expensive but it already seems nicer. And I’ll bet THIS ONE will play High School Musical and The Proud Family movie.

Anyway, I know that people used to go on about Tom & Jerry, but OH MY GOD. They really are incredibly and almost horrifically violent. But it’s funny as I don’t know what, and Aidan laughs his little head off at it. Anytime Tom screams, and that’s a LOT, believe me, we both fall out in giggles. It’s great. Tomorrow, we’re gonna watch Tom & Jerry, he’s gonna wear his new pajamas, and we’re going to bake cookies!

I’m tired, but my body is bouncing. It’s like I’m restless and tired. My back’s been aching, and I know it’s been because I haven’t been sitting up straight. I slouch like eight bitches on a bitch boat when I am at work, and when I am on the computer. I need to stop that, and I also need a massage. A good, hard back rub. But that’s been relegated to the “luxury” pile and well, I don’t have time for luxuries at the moment, not those kind.

Tomorrow is Friday. Sweet damn. This past week went kind of quickly. I’ve got costume parties to attend, but Aidan’ll be wearing the costume. He’s Spiderman this year. I will post pictures.

My costume is in Chicago and reserved for other occasions.

On that note, I’m outtie. Byeee.

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Iffa Siffa Ih Ih Ih

MY CAR is costing me more than Aidan costs me.

My front two breaks (*) were SCREWED royally. Of course, the car is five years old and I can blame that, but instead, I AM GOING TO BLAME THE FUCKING SLOW ASS COLUMBUS DRIVERS WHO HIT THEIR BRAKES FOR NO REASON OVER AND OVER JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE IDIOTS.

* – was nice enough to remind me that it’s BRAKES not breaks. HAHA.

Okay, that done. I also needed to get three belts replaced. Loads of other stuff that I opted not to do tonight. We won’t discuss the cost, because a very dear friend of mine picked up the tab on it, cheerfully, and I don’t know how I will ever thank him enough.

Got GREAT mail today! Four packages (CDs, banana lube- don’t ask, a journal, and pretty Mikasa stuff), cards, and a letter with two giftcards! Again, my friends are way beyond amazing. WAY beyond it. Just waiting on the package from swankivy, who says that today, she got the one I sent her! YAY!!!!! But still… just wow. :)

I’m exhausted. I was at the shop for about four and a half hours. No nap for me, and no rest for me until Tuesday. Early bedtime, tonight. How much you wanna bet I won’t fall asleep until 1am, again?

‘Til next time.

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