I guess a long update is in store, huh? *sheepish grin*

Well, let’s see. Hmm. My last update was last…Monday night I think? So okay. What happened since?

Tuesday – The Grove. It was AWESOME. I had a good time, saw some cool people. Got to see Emily which is always pleasant. The Power Point went off (almost) without a hitch. :) Only bad thing is that Jon C. wasn’t there. I was hoping to see him. It’s fun watching him get “drunk” off of communion. ;)

Wednesday – Life Group. I was starting to feel really crappy, so I was very lethargic during the entire group meeting. Although the discussion was good, I was still tired. Went to Walgreens, got some meds, and knocked myself out.

Thursday – Craig, Theresa, and Rob came over and we chilled out and ate. Good times. Rob played with my new camera. It was fun. :) Craig is SO funny. I LOVE his dry humor. Except… he says he’s being serious. o.O

Friday – Craig and Lauren came over and we watched movies and hung out and ate. It was really nice to see Lauren again, it had been a while since we’d hung out. Golden Girls, OMG. Chris made us watch it (until Craig arrived and yelled “I’m not watching the effin’ Golden Girls!”) and I laughed so hard I CRIED!!

Tony (Sophia’s cheating boyfriend): I don’t know what to say.
Sophia: I’ll tell you what to say. Say OUCH! *smacks with purse*

Aidan was out of CONTROL Friday night. OH MY GOD. He was sooo hilarious!!! You have to see these videos to understand how silly my little boy is:

Bootiesmack | Link | 4.4 megabytes

Aidan as Harry Potter | Link | 3.6 megabytes

It was a crazy night.

Saturday: Had a lazy day. Caught up on my email and made plans to go with Craig up to Cedar Point. Called Lauren and invited her, she was a GO. Called Amy H, but she declined. :( We went to Chad and Christy’s to pop in at Chad’s birthday party. Who should arrive but Molly B and her ADORABLE little boy Peyton!!! He and Aidan adore each other and just play and play. So cute and precious, they are. :)

The party was pretty good. We didn’t stay long, but I had a good time while I was there.

A few pictures…

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