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All Moved In

Well, all my stuff is moved in, anyway. Whether or not I am actually all settled is a whole different question!

The kitchen is unpacked. The bedroom and bathroom are pretty much set up… except there is some outstanding stuff that I need to figure out what to do with it. Will probably be in Aidan’s/guest room for the time being. The office stuff/desktop computer will be the most challenging, I think. But I’ll get through it.

Adam’s home! See ya! :)

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Settling In

So, I’m now a Chicagoan. And to be honest, I have many mixed feelings. I know it’s because this is a huge life change and it’s new and overwhelming. I’d lived in Ohio all my life, and in Columbus since 1995. This is huge! So, here are my thought processes often:

– Oh my God, what did I do?
– I miss Aidan.
– Where the hell am I going to put this? Who built an apartment with no storage? I mean, who thought it was a good idea NOT to include a medicine cabinet?
– Wow, look at that skyline. I can’t believe I live here now.
– I want to go [insert place here], but I want to figure out how to get there by train rather than by car or bus.
– Oh God, does that mean I have to DRIVE?
– I need to drive and get used to it so I can stop being freaked out about it.

As the place comes together, I feel more at ease, though. And so does Lucy. At first, she hid in the closet, then under the bed. As more of my stuff gets put out, the more she ventures out.

The cats are a soap opera like whoa. When they first met, Crookshanks sniffed Lucy through her carrier and started purring. Later, Lucy started hissing at him and growling. Crookshanks is very sad at her rejection of him. He comes up to her and makes a couple friendly meows. She hisses and growls and maybe even yowls, and he makes a sad little meow and walks away. Today, he decided to force her to play with him. He was even doing the rolling on his belly and being submissive to her, but she was throwing a seriousl hissy hit! It was really funny. He’s determined to make friends with her. I just think she needs time to explore and whatnot. She’s out and about now; he’s asleep on the bed beside me.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve had Avanti pizza (which crimsonghost_oh totally loved), and Hot Doug’s! :) And McDonalds, because I’m on a kick again and need to get off of it ASAP. Adam and I went downtown last night and I took some really pretty pictures on Michigan Avenue. I also just took pix of the apartment. I’ll post them once I find my card reader or USB cord to get them off the camera and onto the computer. At B&N, I used my gift card and got an AWESOME pretty blue lap desk. It’s already gotten a lot of use! :) And… and… Adam let me watch hours of America’s Next Top Model that he recorded for me last weekend. :)

Living with Adam is weird now, only because it’s surreal. Even though the closet is filled with my clothes and my books are all over the place, it still feels like a visit and that I’ll be heading back to Columbus in a few days. But, as newwaytowrite commented to me, it’s going to take 21 days to get my bearings, so I’m giving myself time to do just that.

Off to unpack the rest of the kitchen stuff. ‘Til next time! :)

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I’m Here!

Made it. All my stuff’s inside, and I am pooped. Still have to go drop the truck off, though. Then going out for pizza. Yum.

The arduous task of unpacking starts tonight tomorrow soon. Didn’t sleep well last night, so I think I’ll not do a whole lot tonight. I want to rest, now that the big, worrisome part is behind me.

The highlight of the trip, besides being proud that I drove for six hours for the first time, and also drove across state lines for the first time (before then, the farthest I’d driven was from Columbus, OH to Aurora, OH to visit my mommy), was when we were leaving the McDonalds in Indiana. While I was waiting to back out of my spot, this red truck came barrelling, I mean BARRELLING around the corner and to the Drive-Thru. My reaction was “Damn, that bitch was…HUNGRY!” Adam and I laughed our heads off.

Maybe you had to be there.

Lucy is hiding in the closet. She needs a bath. We thought we’d lost her. I was vacuuming the old place and she got spooked and ran out of my room. I found her hiding behind the toilet, and put her in her carrier. She cried only a little bit on the trip out. Crookshanks seems to like her. He sniffed her and immediately started purring.

Didn’t have to deal with too many idiots on the drive out, and didn’t hit traffic ’til we were IN the city and it wasn’t that bad, actually.

Anyway, I’m here now. No longer in a long-distance relationship! YAY!!!!! Weird that I actually LIVE here now! Missing Aidan tremendously already, but I will bust my ass to get back to see him really soon.

OK, gotta try to move some boxes out of the way. Even with all the decluttering, I have a lot of stuff. Ta ta for now!

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Last Saturday Night in Columbus

It’s so weird. When the crazy across the hall slams her door, I think to myself “THANK GOD I’LL BE RID OF YOU IN A FEW DAYS.” But when I hug someone and they have that inevitable sad look on his or her face, I feel sad. It’s a bittersweet ending. I started offically living in Columbus during the summer of 1995, when the building I was living in offered a can’t refuse deal on its summer rent costs. I was already tired of moving back to Cleveland for the summers; my life was in Columbus by then.

The last thirteen years…

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