Driving along in the car, pulling into parking spot in garage at airport….

Ronni: *listening to ONE TIME by Justin Bieber*
Aidan (singing to the beat): I like ’em round. I like ’em squishy. I like ’em round. I like ’em squishy.
Ronni: Um, Aidan, what exactly is it that you like round and squishy?
Aidan (matter-of-factly): Butts.

Totally did NOT expect that to come out of his mouth!

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Annoying Little Aidan (Video)

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Holiday Foolishness

Last night, I took a page out of the Tiffany catalog and circled an item, and then sat the page on Adam’s computer.  His comment to that was:  You’re about as subtle as a bulldozer. HAHAHAHA.  :)

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