30 week blog challenge – week 2: favorite movies

So, this week’s blog challenge is about our favorite movies. There are a lot of movies that I enjoy… but I have some that are my go-tos if I have the apartment to myself and I want a night of pasta and DVDs.

Some of these movies I’ve loved since I was a little girl. Others have come later in life. All are beloved.

Stick It

They had me at “gymnastics”. Gymnastics is my favorite sport to watch, and one that I like to dream that I’m good at. (I’m not.) I love this movie because it’s about a talented but reluctant nationally ranked gymnast who had quit the sport but is thrown back into it against her will.

The entire movie is quirky, funny, and touching.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I first watched this movie, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt, probably when I was nine or ten years old. And I adored it. Basically, I loved any movies with girls in them (The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Firestarter, etc.) but this one really stood out for me. I wanted to be crazy and fun-loving like Lynn, but I always felt awkward like Maggie. But most likely it was because I could relate to Janey as she dealt with her super protective parents. And I admired that she chased her dreams and didn’t let anything stop her from achieving them.

Mean Girls

Not only is this movie extremely quotable, but it’s so over-the-top that it’s awesome. I think Linsday Lohan was amazing in this movie, and I just really enjoy how ridiculous yet… TRUE a lot of it is.


I love everything about Cher in this movie. I love her life (what’s not to love? she’s rich, beautiful, popular, gets whatever she wants… and she’s NICE), I love her clothes, I love her adorable cluelessness about everything! I think, what makes this movie so great, is that Cher never intends to be hurtful. Her intentions are always good (if self-serving) and come straight from her heart. But things constantly go awry because she’s so inside her own head. I really enjoyed watching her grow in this movie. Plus, it has great music.


What can I say? I fell in love with this movie the first time I saw it. It was December 21, 1997. It was sold out, so we got tickets for The World Is Not Enough. Then we snuck into the Titanic theatre because I was with rebels! We sat in the very front row, which I was OK with because I thought I was too cute for my glasses back then.

The clothing, the love story, the settings. The glimpse into that world was fascinating to me. Kate Winslet. Just… Kate Winslet. (As a side note, I was recently an extra in the movie Divergent, and she is stunningly beautiful in real life…cameras don’t even do her justice.)

When I got the VHS tapes (remember how it had to be divided into two?), I would only watch the first half because I loved it before all the dying started. Now I watch the entire movie, but it still hurts because y’all, that stuff was REAL. And horrific.

But the movie was/is magnificent.

Some of my other favorites:

    · Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (beautiful cinematography)
    · Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (yes, I like the Johnny Depp one!)
    · Beauty and the Beast
    · Juno
    · Twilight (I KNOW, shut up)

I also like:

    · Batman Begins
    · The Boondock Saints (although I’ve not watched in in years for fear it would be too violent)
    · Hitch

I’m sure if I were to go out and look at my DVD collection, I’d be able to pull out more… but for now, I’ll leave you with these. :)


Mad Hot Ballroom

Oh my God.

Rent, buy, beg, borrow, steal Mad Hot Ballroom ASAP!! I mean, this instant.

It is so good and inspirational. I have never seen kids so poised and suave, and yet, still kids. It’s amazing. Amazing. Fun to watch, touching in some parts, hilarious in others. Will definitely have you cheering. Every city should have a program like this. Every single one.


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Reading and Watching

I did a Bad Thing.

I signed up for Netflix.

Well, their two-week free trial, anyway. I also put a HUGE reminder to myself to cancel on January 29th so I won’t get charged. I put Covenant and High School Musical in my queue.

I watched Dogma for the first time over the weekend. To think, for some reason, I’d been against ever watching that movie because I thought there were demons in it. And there are, but they aren’t the scary kind. Not really. Anyway, I REALLY enjoyed that movie. A LOT. And Alanis Morrisette looked so pretty in it. As did Salma Hayak, who I just love. Anyway, Dogma and Clerks II are my favorite Kevin Smith movies.

(I’ve been told by two people that Rosario Dawson reminded them of me. WHOA? Do you know how freakin’ beautiful she is?????)

I also put sixteen books on reserve at the library. Four of them are ready, and I will go pick them up tomorrow. YAY for books!! Especially “free” ones. :)

Finished reading Tattoo. It was QUITE the page turner! Jennifer Lynn Barnes (jenlyn_b) has done it again. BUY IT NOW!

Melodye Shore (newport2newport) was kind enough to order me a copy of Better Than Yesterday, AND she sent it by two-day shipping! I should have it this weekend! :) Yes, I think I will read 100 new books this year, too. And I won’t lose the dang list this time.

So far, I have read:

1. Two Steps Forward – Rachel Cohn
2. Indigo Blue – Cathy Cassidy
3. Just As Long As We’re Together – Judy Blume
4. Gathering Blue – Lois Lowry
5. Tattoo – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Granted, most of the books I read are YA, so they tend to be a lot shorter than adult books. But that happens to be my preference. Adult books take too long to get to the point for me, and they tend to have a lot of pointless filler.

I think I’ll read Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator next. :)

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