What I Wore: Wedding Edition

So, this is my first and probably last ever What I Wore link up post. You know how I am about fashion. As in, I have no sense of it whatsoever. But I couldn’t help but hop on this What I Wore: Wedding Edition one from Absolute Mommy because well, it’s easy! :)

Adam and I got married July 27, 2008. It was a guerilla style wedding. We told a bunch of friends we were going to “elope” at Edgewater Beach at 10:30 am, and if they wanted to join us, they were more than welcome. We had a pretty good turnout, too! :)

Adam and I…we just are not into huge, formal events. We wanted to spend most of our money on our Disneymoon. So, we kept it very simple.

I wore a simple sundress off the rack from Macy’s:

Ronni is Happy!

A string of pearls that I’m actually not sure where they came from. (Probably my mom.) I found them in my jewelry box and thought they were perfect.

Getting Ready

My shoes were a simple pair of white sandals from Payless. But mostly, I was barefoot.

The Bride

My bouquet was made by my ex-husband; that was his gift to me. Isn’t it pretty? I told him he needs to go into business.

My Bouquet

But here is the most important thing.

Getting Ready

Didn’t want to be funky on my wedding day, now did I? :)

I remember feeling so excited that day. I got up and blasted that Andrews Sisters wedding day song. I ate a lemon donut.

Having Some Breakfast

And I was surrounded by so much love! The weather was perfect and there were dragonflies flying over the lake.

It was a good day.

Ronni & Adam


How Was Your Weekend? (Pictures)

Here’s what I did!

I washed my hair, so all of my curls came back. And THEY CAME BACK WITH A VENGEANCE. My curls haven’t been this tight in ages.

Short, Short Curls

My hair was like this just a few days before:

Straight Hair Again

Then Jen met me at the yoga studio, where I was picking up some work-study stuff to work on. We took a class together. It was supposed to be Rich’s class (he’s one of my favorite teachers) but Rich was out and Mia was teaching, which was an awesome surprise. :) After yoga, we came to my place and watched New Moon with RiffTrax. It was a fun day.

Adam and I got up and headed up north to the tippy top of the state to Richardson Adventure Farm (home of the world’s largest corn maze) for our friends Paul & Krista’s wedding. As guests of their wedding, we had all-day passes to the corn maze. It was a lot of fun. The bride looked GORGEOUS. AND… they got a picture of her on the zip line in her wedding dress which I cannot wait to see.

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm
What I love about this picture is that my original was far away. I cropped it and only then did I notice that she had tears running down her cheeks.

After the wedding and dinner, we headed over to the actual farm. There were animals:

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm

A pig race:

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm

A Pillow Jump:

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm

And of course, the corn maze itself.

Adventures at Richardson Adventure Farm

This maze is huge and it goes in stages. To do the ENTIRE maze would have taken hours. Adam and I did the one-mile maze. It was pretty cool. I hadn’t been in a corn maze since 2004.

After we left the festivities, we headed home. Naturally, we took some wrong turns. So we decided, since we were in the area, to drive across the border just so I’d say I’d been to Wisconsin. So we did. Then we made our way home.

I did some work for Moksha, then I spend the rest of the day playing games, working on my website, reading, and cuddling with the cats. At one point, all three of them were sitting on the couch with me. It was pretty awesome.

And that was my weekend in a nutshell. How was your weekend?


Wedding Weekend 2008! (Long, Pictures)

The Wedding Weekend officially started Friday morning, when I got up to get my hair done at Eshe Day Spa & Salon. Here’s my new hairstyle!

New Hairdo

Ivy got into town Friday afternoon. Here we are, being cute.

Ivy and Me!

Saturday night, Aidan, Ivy, and I met Kelly and Garth at their hotel, then we all went up to Jen K’s place to eat and hang out. Here we are, waiting at the bus stop. The #65 bus takes FOREVER to show up, so we had to find ways to amuse ourselves.

Ivy! It's Me! Silly Aidan Strike a Pose

After dinner at a great cafe (where I had a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream and bacon!), we headed back to Jen’s to hang out. It was a bachelorette party, of sorts, but not really. Aidan wore a tiara, though.


Woke up early Sunday morning. It was my wedding day! :) So of course, I had to play “Happy Wedding Day” by The Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby. I think it set the tone for an awesome day. Adam had gotten donuts, and I took a nice, long bath. Kelly and Garth showed up while Aidan was in the bath, and then Chris showed up with the beautiful bouquet that he’d made for me, and daisies for the girls and moms and grandmas. Pretty soon, the Weird Chicago bus showed up! And off we went.

Adam and me on the Weird Chicago bus. We’re going to get married!

Before the Ceremony

When we showed up, it was like the paparazzi. It was a bit crazy! All the camera snapping at me. I loved every moment of it!

Ceremony Ronni & Jen
Ronni & Ivy Getting Ready Blowing Bubbles The Bride Cassidy!

We all walked to the beach for the ceremony. There were people looking surprised sitting on benches, and one random biker said “Congratulations or whatever.” HA.

The beach was very pretty. There was a Song of Solomon verse on the block we jumped from. Dragonflies swarmed all around, and waves lapped the shore. The sand was hot, but I quickly got used to it.

Ceremony Playing in the Sand On the Beach
Ceremony Pretty Ivy Aidan and Sharon
Bridesmaid Cassidy Ceremony Dork Bride


After the ceremony and lots of pictures, a bunch of us hopped back on the Weird Chicago bus and headed to Eleven City Diner to get some eats. Good times ensued. A vase flew off the bus and scared some people standing on the street. We simply yelled “Ooompa!” or whatever it is that Greek people yell in celebration. :) (Hmm, I kind of have the urge to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding right now!) Aidan wasn’t too happy with all the noise. He was tired and trying to sleep.

Sleepy Aidan and Bride

Poor little guy. He had been up late the night before and had gotten up a lot earlier than normal, he was afraid of the dragonflies, and the sand was hot on his feet. Oh well, he cheered up once we got to the diner. The food at Eleven City was amazing as always (I had corned beef on rye and a pickle, mmm!), and after that, we came home and hung out a bit with friends and family before Adam and I took off for downtown. We rode in a horse drawn carriage along Lake Shore Drive, and checked into the Allerton for the night. ♥

I’m very happy. :)

As more and more pictures trickle in, I will make posts featuring some of my favorites. In addition, you can go here to see some of the pictures Jen H. took, or here to see pictures from my camera and other people who have shared their pix with me so far. :)

YAY Adam just came home with My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We’re gonna totally watch it! Woohoo!

‘Til next time!

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Wedding Recap Teaser (Pictures)

Our Internet is back to being stupid, so I have to do this quickly before it goes down again. The ceremony was beautiful. Beach front, barefoot, perfect weather. Great turnout, and a lot of fun. There was a swarm of dragonflies over the lake which Aidan fortunately did not notice until the ceremony was over. :) Here are a few picture highlights.

Lots more once our connection is stabilized again. The whole weekend was amazing. Ta ta!

– Signed Mrs. Selzer. :D

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