Sunday Evening

I just got out of the shower and now I am nice and clean. I must do my hair sometime this week, but to tide me over, I washed it tonight. It smells v. yummy.

You know how those search engine sites let you personalize a homepage? I use personalized Google homepage. They introduced themes a few weeks ago, and I picked the “Teahouse” theme. There’s a little animal—I’m not sure what he is, but he’s so cute. The theme is dynamic, so it changes with the time of the day. He picks fruit in the morning, he has a picnic during lunchtime, and he sleeps in a little sleeping bag at night. Right now, he’s feeding the ducks. He is so cute. I smile everytime I see him.

Here’s a screen shot:

Friday, tamirabeth and I had dinner at b-dubs. She treated me, which was so awesome of her. I ordered 12 wings. I usually order six. But this time I ordered 12 because I hadn’t eaten much all day and I was v. hungry. So, I ate all 12 wings, a regular-sized order of buffalo chips, and a few pieces of celery dipped in ranch dressing. Then I came home and ate a cookie, and a few pieces of candy while Tami and I watched Boondock Saints (woo, another convert!) and Cars. Part way through Cars, I started feeling like something was NOT RIGHT. I figured I’d just eaten too much, but my back was hurting really badly. After she left, I got sick. :( After it was over, I fell into a fitful sleep, upside down on the bed. I am hoping it wasn’t the chicken. I think it was probably the ranch dressing, or maybe I really did eat way too much. My stomach felt like it wanted to explode! So, I know, from now on. Six wings it is. I slept until 2pm on Saturday, but then I got up and worked my bootay off on unpacking and such. Then I watched FOUR episodes of The O.C. on DVD.

Today I watched Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle for the first time ever. I was all excited when I figured out one of the obscure references in the movie (clues) before the angels did. And Demi Moore is HOT. WOW. Go Ashton!!! :)

See if you can find the grammatical errors in the headline I’ve circled in the following graphic:

I can’t stop copyediting. Speaking of that, and work, I am now enrolled in a correspondence handwriting course. I did my first two lessons on Friday. My wrist was about to kill me. So were my fingers. I’m trying to retrain my muscles, but we’ll see if it works or not. I’m interested to see what my grade is. Believe it or not, manuscript is harder than cursive. A LOT harder.

I started reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I doubt I finish it. I’ve been skipping around, but some of the things I’ve read I don’t think are very nice. I also wasn’t able to finish An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. There were too many footnotes. They were distracting me. I did review a couple more books at Ronni’s Reviews if you want to hop over and take a look. Maybe even comment. Hint hint.

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This post has no point. Okay then. See ya.

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Sunday Night

Another weekend has passed. Went and got Aidan from my mom’s yesterday. He was being as silly and cute and sweet as ever. Getting back into mommy mode is always a challenge after these long breaks, though.

Yesterday, I finished reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and now I’m reading Pretties. Specials is ready for me to pick up at the library, so I’m going to do that Tuesday. They’re very intense books, hard for me to blow through like I do with most YA novels. Interesting stuff, though.

Today, I watched The Covenant. It was predictable, but the guys were hot. Not a favorite, but it was enough to pass the time. I had a pretty lazy Sunday. Reading, resting, sitting in the glider while the electric heater blew directly on me, curled up in a blanket. It was restful. I didn’t get bored until the middle of Family Guy this evening.

I blew a fuse yesterday evening. Or tripped the circuit breaker. Whatever it is. I was typing away on the computer, enjoying the really warm air from the electric heater on my toes when PHOOOM. Half the apartment went dark. “Nice,” I muttered. Then I noticed night lights glowing in the other room. I knew then that I’d tripped a circuit. I fixed it and vowed to never put the electric heater on II again. This place can handle I, but not II.

We got a lot of snow, so driving tomorrow is something I am not looking forward to. Everything is prepared for work tonight, so tomorrow morning, I won’t have to rush, and I will probably need extra commute time. The freezing drizzle has me really nervous. That’s the dangerous, scary stuff. I hope the roads are okay by the time rush hour hits.

Lots going on in my mind. Just a lot of thinking I need to do. But scared to start muddling through it all. And paperwork. I’m so gosh darn sick of paperwork. Seems like there is always a problem and people want to point fingers instead of owning up and taking accountability and getting things resolved. I just know I’d like to RELAX fully and completely for once, but I can’t because there is always something to worry about, some issue to deal with.

And God do I need a massage. One of those ninety-minute ones from Gentle Wind by Heather Lane. I just need some Reiki, Swedish and deep tissue. Mmmm. I’m all tied up in knots and it hurts.

But anyway, before I go, here are a couple of surveys.

Sunday Night Surveys

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Yesterday, I got to work in an unexplainable cranky mood. Probably due to my tiredness. I just wasn’t in the mood to copy edit, but most specifically, I didn’t want to copy edit those 2Rs that were in from Baseline. Talk about confusing and time consuming! But I’d forgotten that it was the company-wide monthly birthday party until Sandy reminded me, and then she gave me a card. There were only a few of us who got sang to, but that meant free fruit and chocolate cake for breakfast. And 30 minutes away from my desk.

I got back to my desk and E. Mae had sent out an invite, asking all the copy editors to lunch, her treat. We ended up at this Italian place in Grandview. Great food, slow service, but it was okay. The bread was amazing!!

There is so much food and good stuff all over the department. Cookies and candies and just… loads of free stuff for the taking. I ate way too much yesterday. I paid for it this morning! Ha. (Remind me to lay off the apple juice. Like, for real, yo.)

I was thinking of letting my hair grow another two to four inches without relaxing it, then cutting off all the relaxed hair and going natural. My hair is in such bad shape now, I don’t see how it could hurt. What do you guys think? It’d probably look like this little girl’s hair in my icon:

Think I could pull it off? I’m seriously thinking about it. I know my hair will be a HOT MESS the next few months if I do this, but it will be natural, all natural, if I decide to go for it. i am so tempted, you have NO idea. Give me your opinions. In the meantime, I will be looking for information on natural hair care, going natural, blah blah blah.


Last night was so much fun! Aidan and I went to my co-worker’s Heather’s place, where she was watching a little 3-year old named Katie. We watched The Polar Express and How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the Dr. Suess version), and baked cookies. The kids played with toy trains, and this really neat “Pizza Party” set by Melissa and Doug, the same people who made the See and Spell I got Aidan for Christmas. That pizza party was so cute, and I found out that they have all sorts of neat food toys. I wish I was rich. I’d buy them all for Aidan in a heartbeat, and buy extras to donate. Those toys are THAT GOOD.

Today, even though Aidan didn’t get to sleep until after 1am, he was up at 8:30. I was as well, though, so it worked out. We had a lazy morning, then we headed out for Saturday errands–Post Office, bank, and Target to get essentials and prescription refills. He got compliments left and right today about how cute he is. People smile when they see him. It’s adorable. When we got to the bank, I glanced up and saw three beautiful dogs looking at us. They were in the back of an SUV with the top-back window open. The owner had just happened to come out as I was commenting to Aidan on how pretty they were, and he let us pet them. They were very friendly, and I got “kissed” on the nose twice. One was a husky, one was pure white, and the other was golden–he looked like a retriever or so.

Aidan ate three bowls of oatmeal today, and drank two cups of apple juice, so he’s been running to the bathroom quite often. He and I had a picnic of macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets, followed with leftover cookies from last night at Heather’s. It was very good.

Now, he and I are both wrapped in towels, sitting at computers, and drying off after our Saturday night bath. Oh, correction, he’s stark naked, which is one of his favorite ways to be. Silly kid.

He is VERY excited about Christmas. He really gets it this year. He TRIED to open a gift already, but I wouldn’t let him. Not until next week! :) But he did help me wrap a gift for “Grandmommy” and one for “Grandpa Greg.” Oh, and little gifts for the cats. We gave Lucy hers already. I’m having a great time using “Santa Claus” to get him to be good. >:) The best part is making up explanations for every question he throws at me. I’m having a blast. Haven’t taken him to see Santa yet–the lines are crazy long, and I think he’ll be okay if he doesn’t get to see him. He really wants a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but that toy is INSANELY hard to find, and the people on eBay are making loads off of it. I’m hoping the TMX Tickle Me Elmo (should it be Tickle-Me Elmo, to be grammatically correct? Probably not. I’m going CRAZY over open and closed compounds, and hyphenated ones, too. At least, it’s not Tickle Me, Elmo) will take his mind off of the Clubhouse. OH GOD. Yesterday, he asked for a Wii. Um…no. LMAO. I think, with all the stuff my mom got him (and she’s still not done, she says) he’ll be so overwhelmed that he’ll forget the Clubhouse. I HOPE. Eeep.

‘Til next time!

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Aidan woke me up this morning at about 9:14, but I’d already been up since 8:35 or so, just lying there, trying to will my bladder not to feel so full, and thinking.

He got up and watched Frosty the Snowman, ate two packs of blueberry oatmeal and played Blues Clues Scavenger Hunt. I cleaned the litter box, put away some stuff, and checked email and ate breakfast.

With Aidan in tow, I headed to the bank to activate my new ATM card and make a deposit in the ATM (Aidan put the envelope in for me, and he had a blast imitating the beeping noise), then we headed to the post office, because I lost my stamps AGAIN and had to buy new ones, and I had to mail my car payment and also send off the friendship journal that verytruly, selfstyled, and I are doing. Now I am in for the day/night, and Aidan’s playing Sesame Street games on the laptop. I got my final component of holiday gifts today, so I can start assembling and wrapping MAYBE. Aidan’s gifts are mixed in–I’d hate to pull out the wrong thing! So we’ll see. Perhaps I should finally do the cards, huh?

Last night, I went to my friend tamirabeth‘s for a party. Her new place is BEAUTIFUL. Oh my gosh. It’s gorgeous!! It’s an old place, big rooms, hardwood floors, moulding. The party was small and Aidan and I had to leave before it picked up (I’m sure it got huge later that evening) because he and I were both getting tired! We had a good time, though. Kim was there and it was nice to hang out and catch up and talk in depth about bowel movements and farting. It was a good night. :)

Here’s hoping for a good rest of my Saturday!

P.S. Spam folder count: 112

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Saturday Morning

Current Temp is 28ºF. It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas time. I get excited about the cold temps for about two weeks, then once January hits, I’m done. Ha. I went outside for a second to get some Christmas CDs out of my car. Now I am uploading them to my computer to make holiday mixes. YAY.

I finally built my book case last night. I always forget about how much I HATE to build them when I am buying them, but now that it’s built, it looks awesome. And all the foiled sides are facing the correct direction, for once. Not to say that I didn’t have to pull out a couple of screws and fix a shelf last night….

Still sick. Aidan woke up at 8:30 this morning. I was so NOT into waking up. He let me “rest” for another hour, but I’m still beat, and he’s a ball of energy. Eep. I took a Nyquil at midnight to help me sleep–and it’s not worn off completely yet. I’d LOVE to curl up and go back to bed, but if I do, Aidan will get me back out of bed. Speaking of Aidan, he just said “oh, for Heaven’s sake.” Oh sheesh. Why are children so hyper when their mommies are sick?

I just learned that Aidan enjoys drinking hot water.

I have gifts picked out for people–I just need to get paid so I can actually buy them. I’m excited about wrapping presents, as usual. Tee-hee.

And I got a very nice letter from starrlyte!! I love long letters, and I’m excited to write back! :)

I think I am going to make some wild berry muffins in a bit. And have them with bacon. Usually, if I tell Aidan they’re “cupcakes,” he’ll eat one.

Now, if only I could realistically climb back into bed for a few hours…. heh.

Aidan wants to “cuddle wuddle.” Later!

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