Big Update!! (Pictures)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a proper update. I’ve been busy, or out of town, or some combination of the two. Good times, great oldies, right? :)

On May 9 – I went to Kenneth’s and saw Cameron (code word for “I got my hair done by the best hairdresser ever”). I love my hairdresser. He’s the cutest thing ever and sooo funny. I love talking to him. Plus, he did a supurb job on my hair:

New Hair Again
This is even after it was windblown! :)

May 10 – took an insanely early flight and got to Vegas a bit after 9am. Didn’t check in to the Monte Carlo until a lot later, though. Visited the most ghastly Wal*mart ever. Ugh. I hate that store even more now, even though they have cute dresses. Finally checked in, got a bit settled (meaning: hooked up the internet and checked email), then headed out to the Strip. Saw the Bellagio fountains, ate good food, went to M&M World, shopped a bit. Ate dinner, then headed back out. Bellagio fountains and Paris Eifel Tower at night oh lovely….

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Vacation 2006 | The West!

I’ve been out west the past few days. Arrived in Vegas super early Wednesday morning, checked into the hotel, then hit the strip! I got loads of pictures, LOADS. Hit the strip again Thursday, spent mostly all day on the road on Friday. Saw the Grand Canyon–oh holy Jesus it’s beautiful even when it’s covered in pounds of haze. Completely amazing. Lots of driving today, pretty tired, ready for sleep after playing catch up with email and stuff. Pictures and a more detailed account coming soon, hopefully. Phoenix/Scottsdale is not as activity-oriented as Vegas, so I should get more downtime to be on the computer. I HOPE, anyway.

‘Til next time…

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