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Cedar Point! :D (Pictures)

Ferris Wheel
Cedar Point 2006!!

It had been a LONG time since I’d gone on a Saturday, so I sat out a lot more rides than I normally would have because I didn’t want to wait in a lot of long lines. The longest I waited for a ride was nearly an hour for the Wicked Twister. But that one is worth it. It was the first ride of the day, and even though I’d ridden it before, I was a nervous wreck as I got closer to the loading area! I knew I just needed to “break the seal,” and once I did, I was fine. Well, until I got on Millennium Force, for which I waited 90 minutes for (so that was the longest wait, not the WT!)

I didn’t get a chance to ride Top Thrill Dragster this time, but that’s okay. Next time. :)

The most fun I had, though, was at night, when we were waiting for some friends to get on the Sky Hawk. The Sky Hawk is basically a GIGANTIC, hydraulic swing. It goes WAY up in the air. It was a LOT of fun to watch. Well, every time it’d start going up, those of us on the ground would start acting very ghetto, snapping our fingers and going “no, uh uh! Hell no!” I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Then, a bunch of us hopped onto the Mine Ride. The Mine Ride is a small, dinky little coaster. There was no line for it, and we got right on. Since the particular train was adults-only, we decided to bring out the ghetto act again. The first thing I did was scream, very loudly: OH MY GOD as we were going over the first hill. But the first hill is a very tiny and slow drop, so we were yelling out “oh, HELL NO!” HAHA. Hands up the whole time on that ride–you get jerked around a lot if you do. Great fun.

The coolest part is when we came back through, there was no one waiting in line for the seat I was in, so the lady let some of us go again!! There was a kid in front of me this time, so I watched the language, but it was still a lot of fun.

I rode:

  1. Wicked Twister
  2. Gemini
  3. Millennium Force
  4. Troika
  5. Matterhorn
  6. Iron Dragon
  7. Scrambler
  8. Mine Ride (twice)
  9. Wave Swinger

I think that’s it. I wasn’t into waiting in line so much, and I kept Caty company as she’d decided to sit out a lot of the bigger coasters. Plus, I was working on my tan, on which I think I made great progress:

It's Me!  :)

I’m posting this picture simply because I like it:

Wicked Twister
Wicked Twister and Sunlight

And for the piece de resistance, a photo of Craig and me on Millennium Force!!!!

Millennium Force!

Whew. I am tired. Could sleep all day, but gotta go get Aidan soon. ‘Til next time…

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Open The Gates and Load Those Trains!!! (Pictures)

I guess a long update is in store, huh? *sheepish grin*

Well, let’s see. Hmm. My last update was last…Monday night I think? So okay. What happened since?

Tuesday – The Grove. It was AWESOME. I had a good time, saw some cool people. Got to see Emily which is always pleasant. The Power Point went off (almost) without a hitch. :) Only bad thing is that Jon C. wasn’t there. I was hoping to see him. It’s fun watching him get “drunk” off of communion. ;)

Wednesday – Life Group. I was starting to feel really crappy, so I was very lethargic during the entire group meeting. Although the discussion was good, I was still tired. Went to Walgreens, got some meds, and knocked myself out.

Thursday – Craig, Theresa, and Rob came over and we chilled out and ate. Good times. Rob played with my new camera. It was fun. :) Craig is SO funny. I LOVE his dry humor. Except… he says he’s being serious. o.O

Friday – Craig and Lauren came over and we watched movies and hung out and ate. It was really nice to see Lauren again, it had been a while since we’d hung out. Golden Girls, OMG. Chris made us watch it (until Craig arrived and yelled “I’m not watching the effin’ Golden Girls!”) and I laughed so hard I CRIED!!

Tony (Sophia’s cheating boyfriend): I don’t know what to say.
Sophia: I’ll tell you what to say. Say OUCH! *smacks with purse*

Aidan was out of CONTROL Friday night. OH MY GOD. He was sooo hilarious!!! You have to see these videos to understand how silly my little boy is:

Bootiesmack | Link | 4.4 megabytes

Aidan as Harry Potter | Link | 3.6 megabytes

It was a crazy night.

Saturday: Had a lazy day. Caught up on my email and made plans to go with Craig up to Cedar Point. Called Lauren and invited her, she was a GO. Called Amy H, but she declined. :( We went to Chad and Christy’s to pop in at Chad’s birthday party. Who should arrive but Molly B and her ADORABLE little boy Peyton!!! He and Aidan adore each other and just play and play. So cute and precious, they are. :)

The party was pretty good. We didn’t stay long, but I had a good time while I was there.

A few pictures…

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