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Wedding Stuff & Honeymoon Registry (Picture)

Today, Adam and I went and got our marriage license. It was surprisingly hassle-free. There was no line, and we didn’t have to swear we weren’t drunk or there against our will. He did ask if we were related, though. Because we TOTALLY look it.

Adam & Me


So, the details consist of this:

Ronni & Adam’s “Elopement”
Date: July 27, 2008
Time: 10:30am
Location: Edgewater Beach (rain or shine!)

If you want a ride, Adam’s planning something with the Weird Chicago bus. Will probably meet at the Rock & Roll McDonald’s at 10am or so and head down from there. I’ll get clearer details on that soon.

Afterward, us newlyweds are heading to a cafe or some such to eat (probably one of the Nookies). If you want to tag along, feel free. :)

In the meantime, I need to do the following:
– get a new dress
– get new flip-flops
– get a new outfit for Aidan
– get a new outfit for Adam
– get a wedding band for Adam

I suppose I am allowed to treat myself to a mani/pedi (well, at least a pedi) for this, huh? :) (I already know how I want to wear my hair.)

Ivy’s and Kelly’s flights are booked, Adam’s parents and sister are all confirmed. Still need to call my parents. Anyone else coming? Let me know in the comments or through e-mail.

Also, FYI, the Disney honeymoon registry is up. Disney’s site isn’t the most stable, so if it errs, try it again. Anyway, here’s the url:

Disney Honeymoon Registry

And you can search for Adam Selzer or Ronni Davis, July 2008. ºOº

I can’t think of anything else for now, but once I do, I’ll let you know. See ya!

P.S. 86 days ’til Disney World!

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Disney FREEK! (Video)

My mind is most definitely on Disney. Today, I dug up some old videos and searched through some old photos and got all teary-eyed over them. I am so excited to go to Disney World with Adam, and I can’t wait to take Aidan again someday. I *really* hope next year.

Aidan and I were almost as excited as actually being there. Poor Adam fell asleep on the couch. (Sleep is where I should be headed soon!)

Here is one of the videos I dug up from my trip in 2005:

Fireworks Finale of the WISHES Nighttime Spectacular

(Yes, that is me going “WOOO!” at the end.)

I am really excited to be there again! 89 days!!!

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Three Months! ºOº

Me and Mickey Part of the reason Adam and I decided to forgo the more formal wedding set up is that we really would rather to go to Disney World for our honeymoon than spend money on a whole wedding doohickey. We have a strict budget, and we knew that because of that, it was going to be a matter of wedding vs. honeymoon. When family members heard that, they kind of tossed out the idea of having a very simple wedding (or even eloping!) and spending all the money on the honeymoon. Makes perfect sense if I say so myself. I’ve been married before, so my heart isn’t set on any sort of wedding (unless I could somehow have a Disney wedding planned completely by some sort of fairytale expert). I’m way more eager to be married to Adam than to plan a wedding. When I found out that Adam’s heart isn’t set on a wedding, I was relieved. My party planning skillz have fallen by the wayside, and the thought of all the details really freaked me out. I’d just stopped thinking about it, unless someone asked me “how are the plans going?”

For the past six to twelve months, I’ve been having periodic dreams of waking up at Disney World and finding out that someone surprised me with a trip, or I’ll be on a roller coaster and realizing that HEY, I’m on a coaster at Disney World! Waking up always makes me sad. So yeah, I’ve had Disney on the brain for quite sometime. I mean, I often literally dream of being there!

Last night, Adam gave me his debit card, a budget, and told me to go to town! Basically, I get to plan whatever I want (leaving room for him to go on the Tower of Terror, Haunted Mansion, Carousel of Progress, and see the Hall of Presidents), and you should see all the papers I have! Funny, I can plan a Disney trip for hours, but give me wedding plans to work out and I want to crawl into a corner and rock back and forth for a while. I guess I’m just weird that way.

I called and booked the trip last night. It’ll be my first time staying at the Pop Century Resort (I’ve been wanting to stay there for a while!), and this morning, I made all the dining reservations. My heart was set on Garden Grill, and we get to do that, so I’m happy. Garden Grill was my first ever character dining experience (and the first place I actually met Mickey Mouse) and it’s my favorite sit down place in all the park to eat. My heart was also set on 50s Prime Time Cafe, and we get to do that! I really wanted to try a few new places, so I am THRILLED that we’re going to get to do the 1900 Park Fare, because Mary Poppins is there! And we’re doing a Princess Storybook lunch at Akershus. I’ve never been there, either. We didn’t get Chef Mickey’s (people start making reservations six months in advance, and reservations for couples are almost impossible to come by), but I can keep trying for it. Honestly, I’m so excited about meeting Mary Poppins that I’m OK with skipping Chef Mickey’s this time. Adam promised me that because Disney World makes me so happy, he’ll make sure we get back there often. ♥

Oh, and the best part (besides getting to see Spectromagic again)? I get to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!!!!!!!! YAY!

Here are the things I need to do before we go:
– get a hold of some bride and groom Mickey ears
– get a new multi-purpose lens for my camera (anyone have any suggestions??)
– get a new memory card for my camera (or at least clear the one I have!)

Exactly three months from now (OMG an entire season! How will I be able to wait so long?), we’re going to be lining up to watch Wishes, the fireworks show in Magic Kingdom! I am so excited! YAY!

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Please Stand Clear of the Doors

I am wearing my grey contacts today because I left my clear ones in the car and couldn’t find my glasses. If they annoy me too much, I’ll put my clear ones in later. Does anyone else have this problem when wearing colored contacts? Like, they float around? I feel like I’m seeing spots. Also, since they float around, people HAVE to be able to tell they’re fake.

Acuvue 2 just doesn’t work for me as colored contacts go. Too bad, cause grey looks very dramatic on me.

My Wishlist:

Spectromagic Soundtrack
Wishes Soundtrack
Mickey Stapler
Mickey Ankle socks
Illuminations – Tapestry of Magic Soundtrack
Mickey Mouse Window Decal

There is also a Spectromagic cast member pin and I WANT IT. Might I be a bit obsessed with Spectromagic?

You betcha! And darn proud of it, too.

Anyone wanna indulge me??? :D Oh please, oh please, oh please!

I think I’ll build the collection slowly. One treat per pay and only AFTER I’ve paid my bills, taken care of Aidan and the cats and such.

BWAH. I keep having weird dreams, and they’re involving the same people. I have no idea why or what they mean or what they’re trying to tell me, but man, I am pretty tired of them.

Yay for Friday. Yay for Disney.

I found a site from where to download the monorail spiel. So guess what I did? I downloaded Goldwave and edited it, so it only says “Please.” HAHAHA. Such fond memories.

I have Disneyworld fever so badly it’s not funny. Too bad I don’t have any funds to permit me to go! Ah, someday soon. Again. I pray. :)

‘Til Later! ºOº

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HeeeHee! :)

1. Take the quiz: “Are You a Disney World Freak?”

You are pathetic! Not. You are a freak.
That is awsome that you know as much as you do about Disney. You could walk around the them parks, know where you are going and be the best tour guide. You are truelly awsome and that is great to know that you are a Disney Geek….awsome!

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