Your Score: ellipsis

You scored 46% Sociability and 70% Sophistication!

Your life can be difficult because of your insecurities, but you should know that it isn’t your fault. YOU didn’t ask to be thrown in around thirty times per page in every bodice-ripper on the shelf! Those who overuse you can kiss your . . . you know. You need to learn to hold your head high and glory in your solitude. You really do have excellent, scholarly tastes. You must never forget that your friend, the period, will be there to support you at the end of every sentence where you truly belong, and, if what is left out is as important as what is said, why, then you are as vital as the alphabet!

Link: The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test written by Gazda on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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Rambling (Pictures)

I picked up two interesting books at the library today. One, the title I will not disclose to protect the um… not so innocent. The other is The Twinkies Cookbook by Hostess. Among some of the recipes I’d like to try:

Twinkie Easter Egg Hunt – uses Twinkies, maraschino cherries, marshmallow creme, chocolate chips, and jelly beans, and chocolate pudding mix. Probably 9,000 calories, but fun.
Twinkie Burrito – tortillas, chocolate sauce, Twinkies, and strawberries.
Twinkie Kebabals – Twinkies, fruit, marshmallows, and wooden skewers.
Twinkie Fantasy – Twinkies, strawbery Jell-O, strawberries, vanilla pudding mix, whipped topping.

There is even a gorgeous Twinkie wedding cake.

I think I need to buy this book.

But I will NOT be trying the “Twinkies with Meat” recipes in the back. Ewwww.

I want gift cards to Barnes & Noble or Borders! Guess what’s on my list this Christmas. It’s a small one. Heh.

Speaking of bookstores, I found this in the window of Cover to Cover today:

Yay for adamselzer!

Boo to the downstairs neighbor and his loud-ass media equipment.

You know, I don’t get it. Why is HE allowed to play his stereo/TV/video games as loud as he wants, but let Aidan run down the hall once every three weeks and the neighbor lady screams her head off like he’s making constant noise all the time? I swear, the reasons against living here in Columbus are stacking up so quickly it’s almost knocking me over. Only about 400 or so days ’til I move to Chicago.

In other words, I feel incredibly pathetic. A great number of my friends have dumped me. In a way that’s good, because I guess it weeds out those who shouldn’t really matter anyway, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt sometimes. The good thing about it is that when I move, I won’t be leaving a whole lot behind. The bad things is that I have well over a year to feel pathetic.

The thing is, my closest friends I talk to mainly on the Internet. There are a few local people I could call, but I have this whole ‘fear of rejection’ thing going on because just about everytime I’ve asked someone to do something in the past few months, I’ve gotten NOs. So I figure I won’t call anymore. It’s just easier that way.

Oh well. Whatever. As I said to swankivy yesterday: Ronni = loses at friendship. Even though I have 104 Facebook friends now.

Aidan was extra cute today. We had a date at McDonalds. I ordered Happy Meals for us both, and the lady gave him two toys! He got a “Gingy” and a “Donkey.” Donkey actually smelled like a donkey…

I can’t figure out why McGraw-Hill sent me an employee benefits handbook. Or how Victoria’s Secret found me and why they decided to send me a catalog.

Been rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I realize I’m early, but I’ve been in the mood. Maybe this is why:


Yes, Harry, I do *ahem* love *cough* you and *blink* adore you.

*runs and hides*

In other news, I’ve officially given up on writing for now. I just can’t focus, not with all the bullshit that keeps happening. Today was supposed to be my day to start back. But I can’t do it. I’m not finding joy in it anymore. I’m not finding joy in too much of anything these days, but oh well. I’ll get back to it when I am in a better headspace, not to mention life space.

Uh oh.

What’s that Harry?

He says to stop whining and get off here. So I’m off.


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Adventures in Microwave Cookery

Microwave cooking should be relatively easy, right? So why did I have not one, but TWO mishaps this evening?

I was hungry, and I decided I wanted bacon and Malt-O-Meal. Four strips of bacon. One minute per slice, right? After the four minutes, the bacon didn’t look anywhere near done, so I put it in for two more minutes. When the microwave went off, I smelled that awful burned bacon smell. OOPS. I took those slices off of the tray, drained them, gave a couple of small pieces to Fi and Gracie, then crumbled the rest up to use in salads.

While I was preparing four more slices to cook, I put my Malt-O-Meal in the microwave. Now, they only have instructions for how to cook one serving, not for two (which is how many I wanted). So I played it by ear. I’d done it before with no problems, but tonight, the cereal was out of control… and IT BOILED OVER.

Oops again.

BUT, I finally got it right. Cleaned up the boiled-over stuff, got the bacon to where I like it perfectly, dumped way too much sugar on the Malt-O-Meal (as usual) and had a very yummy late dinner.

The End.

P.S. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not the most skilled at cooking, unless it’s spaghetti. Or dressing. I can also make a mean hot dish or meatloaf. ONION-FREE at that. Okay, going to bed now…..

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On This Magic Night… (Pictures)

I had so much fun at Disneyland!

Just a quick entry right now, I am EXHAUSTED!!

1. Getting stuck on Space Mountain for a moment because it had broken down (the ride was flippin’ awesome tho!)
2. SOARIN’ Over California. OMG. WOW.
3. Meeting Prince Charming!!!!!!!

4. “Running away” with Mickey Mouse (!!)
5. The Matterhorn and all the other rides that are here and not Disneyworld. WOohoO!
6. Doing really goofy stuff. :D

Mmm. So tired. Must sleep now. Good night…er morning. Or something… ZZzzZZZzzZZZ.

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