I’ve Been Nudged (Lots of Pictures)

Rosa (meimeigui) nudged me, and people have been calling/emailing whatnot, so I guess I should update.

It’s just that I’ve been busy and/or very tired. It’s gonna be a stretch for me to get this entry out because I’d rather be sleeping. Dinner first, though, once I post this entry.

The craziness started last weekend. Not the one that just past, the one before that. The first weekend in August. Saturday, I cleaned like a fiend. Sunday, My old college roommate Sheryl was in town, so we had brunch. I got to nap a bit after she left, then my friend Angelo and I went out for Mexican. We had the best conversation ever, and the best Mexican food ever, which I am now craving like some kind of fiend. But I’m gonna wait until this weekend, after payday and after I’ve eaten all the leftovers in my fridge.

Monday afternoon, another old college friend Dave (who just happens to be an ex-boyfriend) called, as he was in town from Los Angeles. I got to hang out with him and meet his doll of a wife, Angie. Let me tell you what a crazy evening that was. My ex-boyfriend with his wife, my ex-husband, my son, and me, all hanging out. It was loads of fun. We walked around the Ohio State campus, took the ubiquitous trips down memory lane, had dinner at b-dubs, and took loads of pix.

Check it out

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Ohio State Fair (Lots of Pictures)

Good Times, Good Times...

‘Twas a very pleasant day for the fair. The weather was perfect, the skies were blue and sunny. There was a nice breeze, and although it was crowded, it was still fun.

Welcome to the Fair

I’ll tell you what, having a wristband makes hitting the rides so much easier. I was sufficiently dizzy by the end of the night. Until I ate, that is.

The first thing Bob and I rode was something called the Space Roller.

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I LOVE the Ohio State Fair!! (Pictures)

I had such an amazing time at the Fair today! We didn’t get there ’til really late. It was hot and crowded. Not horribly, though. Heh. Bob, Chris, Aidan and I got there first. They parked us with the campers which I thought was really weird, but whatever. After a few failed attempts, we finally made our way into the fair. We went in through a side entrance and totally could have gotten away with not paying–had we not pre-bought our tickets at Kroger! HAHA. Irony, such a funny thing, eh?

So we got something to drink and floated through the Commercial building. It was crowded but air-conditioned at least. Then Aidan got really mad and hungry so we left to get him some food. Craig called while we were at the stand, saying he’d arrived with Theresa and Tom. They met us there. And we went on from there. :)

We ate and rode and laughed and got rained on. Total blast. :D

You guys will be so proud of me. Remember the video of the crazy ride from a couple of entries ago? I GOT ON IT TODAY! Yes, I rode the Power Surge. Craig paid for me, Bob, and Tom to ride it, so we did.


Seriously, it kicked some serious bootay. It was just… so random. Lots of flipping and turning and you really have no idea where you’re going or anything. It was fantastic!!! I was very mildly dizzy when I got off, and I was over it in about 15 seconds.

I guess after Mission Space (at Disneyworld), these rides are nothing, hahaha.

Bob and I also rode the Orbiter and the Scrambler. The Scrambler is the longest ride evarrrrr. Totally awesome. I am so glad I have a friend who will ride all those crazy twisty-turny rides with me. Tina didn’t show up, so I was so happy when Bob was willing to join me, yay. Next year, he and I are getting the wristbands and going ride crazy. THAT will be sweeeet.

I have tons of pictures and some video too, so I guess I should go ahead and get to ’em, huh? :)

Bob and me on The Orbiter!!! WOOHOO!!!


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Every New Beginning Is Some Other Beginning’s End (Pictures)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I haven’t had the time/heart/energy to write anything here in a while. But I’m back, for a bit at least.

Last week, I said goodbye to Tyler as he headed off to Denver. Then Chris and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. He let me choose. He sent me this paper called “The Princess Package,” and let me choose the place to eat and other activities. We ate dinner at The Melting Pot. It was good, but the dessert was heavenly. Cookies and cream chocolate fondue with marshmallow. All sorts of goodies to dip in. I want more NOW!


After dinner, I spent the evening in Barnes and Noble. Mmmm. Grabbed the latest Sophie Kinsella book, a 2006 planner, and a Yoga book. I LOVE that store so much and their discount card too! :)

Quote(s) of the Week:
“I’ll just go back on steroids!”
“What does he think I am, his little bitch?”

Tuesday was the Wildwood Arts Fest (Grove talent show). It was fantastic. Lots of singing, funnies, stories, photos. The best part was Aidan, I must admit. He was so cute, dancing and laughing and stealing the shows. Great times, man. Great times. :) And as usual, it was great seeing my friends. Happy Birthday to Monica (bluemo84), she is 21 now HEY!!

Saw a couple having a heated fight in the parking lot of Applebees. It was intense. I felt sorry for the girl, she was pregnant and emotional and crying. The guy was floundering, didn’t know what to do b/c she was so angry. I wanted to take him and tell him “Just nod and say ‘You’re right. It’ll all be okay.'” Heh.

Today was my last day at Nationwide. It was a bit bittersweet. I turned in my badge and desk keys and my parking transponder. I took one last sweep around my desk and hoped I didn’t leave anything. I cleaned out my computer and turned off all the lights and realized I wouldn’t be coming back. Yesterday I’d taken all my stuff down to the car. I’d managed to smash everything into two boxes and a bag.

My team gave me a $150 gift card to Best Buy, so I put it towards the purchase of this:

Oh yes. I am quite happy. :) I can add lenses to it (YAY) and do loads of other stuff. I can’t wait to take it to Disneyland!!! ºOº

They also got me a $50 gift certificate to Scrapbook Groupies. OH YEAH, baby!!!!!! More scrapbooking goodies. Now if only I’d get to work on an actual book… I think my Disney ones are next.

Yesterday, the team took me out to Max & Erma’s for lunch. I am addicted to their BBQ Bacon burgers. I mean YUM.

We got this new bacon, Maple Cured or something. It is the best bacon I’ve ever tasted and it makes the house smell like pancakes. It’s amazing. I have been on a super duper bacon kick lately.

Ack. So many goodbyes. One friend moved to Denver, one to New York. I said goodbye to a lot of people at work today. So many hugs. One of the admins totally cried. I didn’t get to hug everyone that I wanted to. Stupid meetings. It’s kind of weird, saying goodbye. I took those people’s presence in my life for granted and now I am leaving. I choked up a bit today, but I didn’t cry.

It’s very draining to say goodbye and I don’t doubt that was part of the reason I’ve been so tired lately. But now it’s time to move on. I start my new job Monday. Abbie emailed me and told me that they set up my computer today!!!!! EEEK! This is REAL!!! I’m an EDITOR!! YAY!

I went to the Fair last Saturday and it was so much fun. I ate a Philly Cheesesteak, french fries, corn, and a deep fried Twinkie. Yummy!!! I’m thinking that might have to be the plan tomorrow. A bunch of us are supposed to be going around 4ish or so. I rode this crazy thing called the Orbiter. It was sweet and I only got a little dizzy on it. It was totally worth it. I hope some of the people we’re with tomorrow are willing to go on those crazy rides with me. It’s more fun when you have someone to share it with.

You guys have to check out these two videos I took at the Fair, though:

Aidan On The BIG Slide: Click (4 megabyte download)
CRAZY RIDE (Power Surge): Click (12 megabyte download)
(For those of you who download and watch the 2nd video, which of you would or has ridden a ride like that? What was it like?)

I am pretty sure I’m going to the Fair again tomorrow. Anyone interested in joining me? Hit me up. You know where to find me.

Anyway, I’m sure you guys are more interested in the pictures (teehee), so here you go:

Here I am at the Fair with a Fisher Price Rescue Hero

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Fair Pt 2 & Stuff

I had a great time at the Fair today! :) I went with Craig and Tina, then Chris joined us later. While I was there, I ran into Kelly P. Tyler, Becky, Emily (yoimemily), and Tony. We met up with Craig’s friend Josh, and that was awesome. I ate goood food–a philly cheesesteak sammich (sans onions and peppers, of course), fries, bi-color corn, pizza, and a deep fried Twinkie. My tummy is happy!

I can’t believe I spent around $30 just on food. Who would have thought a little one like me could eat so much?? ;)

What’s even more remarkable is that I could eat again right now. Blimey!

I took more pictures–lots of ones of Aidan in those picture posing cardboard thingies. I’ll try to post them tomorrow/tonight, after i’ve gone to the Fair yet AGAIN! This time I’m going with Angelo and Monica, and admission is only (thankfully) $2! Since I’ve eaten everything I wanted this year (corn, fries, turkey leg, Twinkies, pizza, cheesesteak), I really don’t need to eat much tomorrow/today. Just something small if I get hungry enough. Maybe Aidan and I will split some fries or something.

We’ll see once I get out there and start to smell all the yummy food, though. Mmmmm.

We saw the fireworks as we were leaving. We were stuck in a long line of traffic, but we had perfect head-on view. They were gorgeous. Again. OH, Tina and I rode the Wave Swinger (swings), and the Tilt-A-Whirl. The Tilt-A-Whirl was AWESOME. We got some amazing spins out of that thing!!! What I love about Tina is that she will ride all those twisty-twirly rides that everyone else says make them sick. So next year, we’re going to buy the wristbands and go and ride all that fun stuff together! WOOHOO!

In the one building where they have the what Chris not so affectionately refers to as “junk,” I saw some things that really knocked me back into childhood. The Strawberry Shortcake dolls and minatures of MY generation! The snail/cart thing that turned into a picnic table, and her little bike! Oooo. I had all those toys! If I were rich, I’d buy them again! I do love going in that building. All the nice old stuff. Heh.

I saw the new calf, llamas, chicks, puppies, and the grand champion hogs! It was good times. I took pictures of the precious baby calf–looked just like its mama.

After the Fair, I took Tina home, then we went to Craig’s to hang out a bit. On his delicious flat screen TV, we watched Olympics. Tomorrow night is women’s gymnastics!!!! I told him I might be over to watch that, and he said OK! I LOVE watching gymnastics. Oh, if I were RICH, I’d sooo be in Athens right now watching that competition. But alas, that is not the case. Well, I guess it depends on what I am relating it too. I won’t go into that now, though. I’m not in the mood for deep philosphical stuff tonight.

So, it’s time for a bath then bed. I’m going to try not to make it 3 nights in a row where I made the dang water too hot. But my back aches and it’s craving a hot bath! *le sigh* Okay then, night night!

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