Computer Is At Full Speed!

So, the computer’s integrated sound card refused to work. I thought I’d have to wait a couple of months for sound, because I wasn’t sure of the price of the cards. I went to today, just to see, and the prices ranged from nearly $300 down to nearly $30. I picked up a Creative Media Sound Blaster Audigy for $33. :D Now, the desktop computer has SOUND! YAY!!!!

It’s MUSIC DOWNLOADING TIME. I mean, um… yeah. *Whistles* :D

All the software I normally use is on here. I’ve got sound. And a nice monitor. Not flat panel, but it IS flat screen which is pretty sweet anyway. Webcam. Printer. Scanner. YAY!

My laptop can start getting a rest now.

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I am with desktop computer once again!

I hadn’t even realized I had a package yesterday ’til I was on my way to bed and saw the box on the floor. YAY my Operating System! :D So now, I’m setting up and customizing my desktop computer–man, it feels good to have two computers again. And it has this really cool blue light on the inside… nice.

Andy gets MAJOR props for hooking me up with his. I owe him big time. :D

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Weekend End

Today I hooked my monitor and stuff up to my laptop. Then I realized that I needed a USB keyboard, so off to Best Buy we went. I was going to get a wireless keyboard and mouse ($49), but then I saw a nice $19 USB keyboard, wired, but good enough for what I wanted, so I got that. THEN I picked up a 160 gig external hard drive ($89). I’m backing up all my files now. YAY. This was important to me because I was feeling weird about having all my precious files on one place. Call me paranoid, but after losing two computers within two weeks of each other, I don’t want to take anymore chances.

I mean, I know it’s weird, but I missed writing at my desk. So until I get my desktop computer from Andy, I will probably keep my laptop hooked up here… well, at least until I need to be downstairs with my laptop, like tomorrow, for instance. I’d LOVE a docking station, but I am not sure if they make them for my particular computer. That way I can just plop it on the station and not have to worry about stopping things and unhooking them and stuff. But again, I’ll get my desktop sometime, so I probably won’t even need to do that. We’ll see. :)

Fifteen out of forty-nine folders have been copied, and it’s been going for about 90 minutes now. :D I have about 70 gigs of stuff to move over.

Chris is planning a vacation for us. Unfortunately, not Disneyworld. :( However, it will be the southwest, so I’m okay with that. Vegas (a stripview room in Rio!!), Phoenix, Mexico. Good times. It will be my first time visiting outside of the U.S. I know, sad, isn’t it? I’ve never even been to Canada, not yet anyway. Anyway, can you say BELLAGIO BUFFET??? And fountains, and the malls and pretty stuff and photo ops… YES. Can’t wait. :D

Yesterday, I spent the whole day indoors thanks to a poopy scratchy/sore throat. Chris took Aidan to the Air Force Museum, so I got some quality rest in. Then I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Robert Pattison is illegally handsome. :D

Today, I found out that Katie reads my LJ, so hi Katie!! ♥ Same to all you “IRL” people who read my journal. Don’t be afraid, come on out and say hi! :D

Right now, Aidan is watching Monsters, Inc which I bought today, along with The Parent Trap. I’m looking for Blast from the Past on DVD. I wonder if it’s out. It’s such a cute movie! Okay, I’m being summoned by my little guy. I’m also craving bacon like WHOA but I don’t have any in the house, and I doubt I could convince Chris to go out and get me some. :x

Anyway, good night!!

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