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Oh, Chicago

May is in a few days, and the current temperature is 37 degrees. I feel bad for the poor tulips out there.

BUT, I got my library card today!!!! YAY! I took out five books right away, as that’s the most I can take out until after 30 days. The selection is nothing like the Columbus Library. They’re about a year behind here as far as new stuff goes. But still, there are lots of books I haven’t read, so that’s cool.

I tried the hashbrowns they are always advertising at Dunkin’ Donuts. I didn’t like them. I’ll be happy with store brand Tater Tots anyday.

Now if it’d only stop raining and the weather would get nice again…..

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Seder (Pictures)

Last night was my first ever Passover Seder. I believe most Jewish people celebrate on Saturday, but adamselzer isn’t a very strict Jew, and I, of course, am not Jewish at all, and Sunday was when most people could make it. I got to spend the evening with a bunch of new Chicago friends. :)

It was cool. The Seder has lessons and reflections that everyone can learn from. Adam’s LJ entry from a few days ago goes more in depth. Me? I just have the pictures. You might want to grab a bite to eat before clicking the cut. ;)

Lookee here!

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Proud of Myself!

Today marked a major milestone for me. Actually, a couple.

As regular readers know, I have been nervous about driving in Chicago. I drive an average of one mile a week, and that’s to the grocery store and ALDI. Adam’s always been with me.

Today, I drove out to the suburbs, by myself, and I used the highway. It was easy once I got back in the groove. I think I also missed a lot of the heavy rush hour. And Chicago drivers aren’t quite as scary as the cab drivers. Still scary, though. Way more aggressive than in Ohio. Eek.

Still, I’m proud. I made it. YAY.

Tomorrow, I will reward myself with McDonalds for lunch. :)

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I’m settling in. I’m getting more comfortable driving. The place is shaping up nicely.

Today was fun. Details and pictures soon. :)

(I finally found my card reader, YAY!)

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