Wedding Stuff & Honeymoon Registry (Picture)

Today, Adam and I went and got our marriage license. It was surprisingly hassle-free. There was no line, and we didn’t have to swear we weren’t drunk or there against our will. He did ask if we were related, though. Because we TOTALLY look it.

Adam & Me


So, the details consist of this:

Ronni & Adam’s “Elopement”
Date: July 27, 2008
Time: 10:30am
Location: Edgewater Beach (rain or shine!)

If you want a ride, Adam’s planning something with the Weird Chicago bus. Will probably meet at the Rock & Roll McDonald’s at 10am or so and head down from there. I’ll get clearer details on that soon.

Afterward, us newlyweds are heading to a cafe or some such to eat (probably one of the Nookies). If you want to tag along, feel free. :)

In the meantime, I need to do the following:
– get a new dress
– get new flip-flops
– get a new outfit for Aidan
– get a new outfit for Adam
– get a wedding band for Adam

I suppose I am allowed to treat myself to a mani/pedi (well, at least a pedi) for this, huh? :) (I already know how I want to wear my hair.)

Ivy’s and Kelly’s flights are booked, Adam’s parents and sister are all confirmed. Still need to call my parents. Anyone else coming? Let me know in the comments or through e-mail.

Also, FYI, the Disney honeymoon registry is up. Disney’s site isn’t the most stable, so if it errs, try it again. Anyway, here’s the url:

Disney Honeymoon Registry

And you can search for Adam Selzer or Ronni Davis, July 2008. ºOº

I can’t think of anything else for now, but once I do, I’ll let you know. See ya!

P.S. 86 days ’til Disney World!

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Registered, New Family, Marriage (Pictures)

Adam and I spent last week together, with his family, in Atlanta. We popped in to Target to do our first registry. Good times. :)

We both had fun with the gun, even though it yelled at us from time to time. We tried to register for things that’ll be around for a while there rather than seasonal stuff; the wedding is still almost a year away. What’s challenging is that he and I both like fall colors, like oranges and browns and reds, and those are seasonal!
Speaking of the wedding, I haven’t done anything major with plans in a while. Well, I did pop into the Jessica McClintock store to peep at some of the dresses, but that’s it. I’m not sure I should even be worrying about much until I move. It’ll just be easier once I’m living in Chicago.
But, we’re registered at Target. At first, I thought about registering at least one more place—probably Bed, Bath & Beyond or Linens & Things, but we’ll see.
I had a great time with the Selzers in Atlanta. We celebrated Thanksmas, which is a fun combination of Christmas and Thanksgiving. With Eli & Melissa in California, myself in Ohio, and Adam in Illinois, it’s hard to travel a lot this time of year for both holidays. Sooooo, Adam’s mom, Sharon, decided to combine the two holidays.
It was a lot of fun. Sharon had told me once that I really fit in with the family, and I really felt like it all last week. :) I hear these stories about in-laws not getting along and I feel fortunate that won’t be a problem for me. I’m going to like being a Selzer.

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How Are The Plans Going?

Today at work, Janet asked me how the plans were going. I sat there and realized I hadn’t done a concrete thing for the wedding since we booked the place. I went to The Knot and went to the checklist. I checked off a lot of things, but the list says I have 172 more to go.

Eeek, much?

Granted, it’s still just over a year away and I have PLENTY of time, but it’s hard not to see such a huge number of things to do and not panic. Plus, we need to find a photographer after all (for the more formal and traditional shots), and there are LOTS and LOTS to choose from in Chicago. That’s a little bit lot overwhelming!

This is what I am tempted to do for the boquets: Head over to the grocery store the day of the ceremony and pick up some of the flowers there. My first choice is an orange gerbera daisy, but man, the thought of dealing with all this stuff is kind of making me hyperventilate.

I got a few sample invitations in the mail. Thank God places let you see samples. The really inexpensive ones from Ann’s Bridal Bargains aren’t that great, and the Mickey Mouse ones are too big. I REALLY like these:

Of course, they’re from my favorite place, Invitations By Dawn. The color I really like is called Tuscan Sun, and it’s the orangy-looking one on the right, behind the light green ones. I can get 50 for $102.80, and 50 response folders (with envelopes) for $55.50. I don’t think that’s too unreasonable, especially for an invitation I really like, but I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t some that are less expensive. I mean, it’s so simple, after all. But there’s just something about the colors that’s perfect.

We’e been getting requests to register. I think we’re going to hit our first store next month, when we’re together for Thanksgiving. We could register online, but then we wouldn’t get the little gun. Adam really wants to use the little gun.

So, I’m trying not to freak out too much here. After all, I do have more than a year for everything to fall into place. No need to stress. Right?

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More Registry

I’m in San Francisco, and I’m totally wired. It’s almost 5am Ohio time, but I had a Red Bull and tea today, plus a late dinner, then I got to play Scattergories and watch the “wild ass” DVD, so I’m finding it hard to fall alseep.

Instead, I’ve been thinking about Adam and me, and how we’re going to create our living space. I know that he thinks about getting a new place from time to time, which would be cool. Either way, we’ll be making a new home for both of us, no matter where it is, and we can register for things that can help us do so.

A few more things I thought to register for (or ideas I got from friends) include:

– luggage
– photo frames
– 1000 thread count sheets

And then I just thought of maybe a big rug for the living room. Something that wouldn’t completely cover the hardwood floors, but would be nice to have. Oh, and a welcome mat of some sort is NEEDED for the winter. So, adding those things to the list:

– cool big rug
– welcome mat

And, and!

– Mickey Mouse appliances!

Not sure how Adam would feel about a Mickey Mouse waffle maker, but I’ll never buy one for myself, so why not? I already have the toaster!

Oh, and maybe a portable DVD player. On the long flight here, I was thinking of how much I’d have loved to have one. And potholders and kitchen towels, and maybe some new cooking utensils!

Rosa said to register for things we want but would never buy ourselves. And I started thinking of other possible stores, such as Pottery Barn and Linens N Things. She also told me that is is okay to register early because people might want to get us stuff already. I’d have it all shipped to Chicago. I kind of want to wait until I’m moved in, though. I want us to get the gifts together, if people decide to buy us stuff.

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When Adam and I first got engaged, he asked if we should register. I told him that we should wait until a few months before the wedding because the inventory changes so much at stores.

Adam is a true bachelor. He has two towels. TWO TOWELS. Maybe a few more, but I’ve never seem ‘em. I told him that towels is definitely going on the registry.

Here are the things we definitely plan to register for:

cookware (funky colors like orange and Brady Bunch green)
sheet sets

Between the two of us, we have plenty of dishes, silverware, and stuff like that. I live alone, and he has a lot of stuff, too. So we don’t need too much. I don’t think.

I want to register at:

Bed, Bath & Beyond

What other things should we register for? Maybe a fancy coffee maker? A Kitchen-Aid stand mixer? Stores? Crate & Barrel? I need some ideas!

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