A Potluck Entry on a Saturday

ETA: Professional wedding photos are up here! They look amazing. :)

Today, Aidan headed back to Ohio to spend the rest of the summer with my mom. After that, he will go on a trip to Phoenix with his dad, and then he starts kindergarten. Seems like yesterday he was moving in for the summer. I keep expecting to hear him calling for me and asking for more Froot Loops or something like that.

The good-bye was painless. He’s excited about the rest of his summer adventures and I’m excited for him. I’ll miss him though. He has the cutest little cheeks and ears; I’ll miss nibbling on them whenever I have the chance. This morning, he woke up with his face and hands covered in marker. I’m pretty sure he purposefully colored his hands for some crazy reason. Thank GOD he used watercolor markers, not Sharpies!

I woke up at about 2 or 3 am with crazy allergy symptoms. The back of my throat was EXTRA itchy, and I was sneezing up a storm. I took an allergy pill this morning knowing it would pretty much render me useless all day.

I spent the day reading and napping. Adam spent the day doing mad loads of laundry. He heard that I wanted to put up a clothesline, and he went ahead and did it for me. So tomorrow, I plan to do the towels and let them line dry. There’s nothing like line dried linens. They smell amazing.

Today, Paws contacted me about finalizing Helena’s adoption. As if there was going to be any doubt! That little kitty had my heart the first moment I saw her. She eats like a little piggy, I’m worried that she’ll get fat. She’s adorable, though. Cuddly as all bananas, and she follows me everywhere. When I’m in bed, she lies either on my legs, at my feet, or right beside me. And she loves to be rubbed under her chin. She’s an awesome cat. We’re up on the adoption site, by the way. We’re picture #17 under the July 11th week. :)

I’ve been tweaking my site for the past few days, adding little things to the sidebar, adding new pages, and playing with the CSS a bit. I’m happy with how it’s evolving.

Tomorrow, it’ll be a week that Adam and I have been married. It’s been amazing. He brought me breakfast in bed twice already, he does all the cooking and kitchen cleaning; basically he takes amazing care of me. I like this life.

I’ve been feeling extra blessed lately. I am not sure if I’m just starting to relax, or if the meds are helping me. It’s probably a combination of many things. Almost all the big milestones in my life are finished (all I have left is finding full-time work), and I’m finding myself sleeping entire days away because of all the tension and adrenaline leaking out of my body. I’ve been so tightly wound the last few years, it feels weird to kind of relax and enjoy life. Adam helps me, though.

Here are things I’m happy about:
01. Being married to Adam. ♥
02. Aidan getting to enjoy a good rest of the summer with more people who love him.
03. Discovering good music (Kerli, M.I.A.)
04. Getting my hands on a rare Japanese New Kids on the Block CD called More Hangin’ Tough. This CD has versions of I’ll Be Loving You Forever and You Got It (The Right Stuff) that I only heard on the radio and could never find in the stores. I’ve been looking for these versions for years and I finally found this CD on eBay. The CD came straight from Japan, and I’m so excited to finally have it.
05. A cute little cat named Helena.
06. Living in a cool city.
07. Getting better at finding my way around said city. (Cas told me that she’s impressed at how well I get around now, and she is impressed that I give directions to people).
08. Doctors who care more about seeing to her patient’s health than making a profit; discounts when you self-pay at the doctor’s office.
09. Friends who take amazing wedding pictures and share them all with me!
10. Tang! Yummy! :P

So, I got out all the scrapbooking stuff, and yesterday, I finally got my pictures from Snapfish. I didn’t grumble at the very late delivery and processing. The photos have been prepaid for years, and the shipping was free. All I had to pay was $1.32 for more than 100 prints. And it’s not like I’d have had time to work on the scrapbook last week anyway. Plus I needed adhesives. BUT now the pictures are here, I don’t have any work assignments lined up for the next few weeks, so I’m going to work on my scrapbooks. One will be an Aidan book and one will be a general scrapbook of the past few years. Plus a wedding book, but I’m still waiting for pictures so that I can order all the prints at once. Hoping for another free shipping Snapfish code soon!.

I guess that’s all for now. I had other stuff, but I can’t think of it at the moment. I’m thirsty, which always happens right before bed. Not good, seeing as my bladder is tiny and overactive as it is. But either way, I’ll be up, so I might as well not be thirsty. Good night!

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Nothing, Really

Today, I had a doctor’s appointment. I love this doctor, and I’m not dreading going to see her again next month. And for not having insurance, the cost wasn’t prohibitive at all. Thank God I have a wonderful finace who cares about me and who takes care of me. I’d have never gone to see her without his insistence. Basically, I have been emotionally off for months now, and although I realize that most of it’s because I’m going through a million different adjustments at once, the fact that I am ALWAYS feeling an underlying sadness, irritable, and impatience among other stuff is a problem. So it’s time to see what I can do. I have two months worth of prescription samples, and the other prescription I had to fill cost me only $10.99. :) We’ll see what happens.

After that, Adam, Aidan, and I hit Strack & Van Til for some name brand groceries (oh shoot, I forgot lunch meat!). Strack & Van Til is less expensive than the other stores around here (except ALDI); the prices are comparable to what I paid in Columbus for groceries. They also sell Granola Dipps there, but I don’t know how long that is going to last. I think I got the last box. :O And Vitamin Water is 10 for $10. Some places charge $1.99 for one bottle. Now, if they only had BBQ Fritos….

Then we did a bad thing. We went in to Best Buy. And I got that pink camera I’ve been wanting for months. Adam stood there and convinced me to get it, telling me that I was going to end up buying it before Disney anyway, and that I should get it while it was on sale (it was $20 off today), and that it would be GREAT to have in the Disney parks, especially at night, when I might not want to tote around the SLR. SO, I got it. I’m still not convinced I won’t talk myself into returning it, so I haven’t opened it yet. But I probably will open it and enjoy having a little camera to carry around with me. :)

(Adam is telling me to stop feeling guilty about buying it).

I’m sure the bank is scratching its head, because I don’t spend money like this regularly.

Today I drove again for the first time in several weeks. For some reason, I feel a great deal of anxiety driving here, and I really shouldn’t. I mean, I KNOW how to get to the grocery stores and to Target and Kohl’s and Best Buy. And anything else, I can take the bus or the train or walk because those stores are downtown. I’ve been very tempted to sell the car, pay off the balance with the money, and go to not owning a car anymore. Someone broke into my car AGAIN over the weekend and stole my emergency roadside kit. I am getting frustrated with having to get windows replaced every six weeks because people are assholes. This time they broke the window that goes up and down, but Adam found a place that charges only $65. More than half what the other places charge. Still, it’s an expense that’s ridiculous and annoying. Plus insurance (although mine has gone down woo!), and the car payment, plus the $120 yearly fee one has to pay JUST for owning a car in Chicago, and the same for registration. I don’t drive it enough to justify all that, so we were thinking of doing the iGo or Zipcar thing (car sharing, about $15 a month for three hours of usage, which is perfect for groceries and such, and the fees cover insurance, gas, etc.). I’d be sad to get rid of my car…. seems like I’m constantly giving up something by living here, but it would be good for the environment and good for my wallet. But I kind of want to hold on to it until I find full-time work. If I can’t find a job downtown and have to commute, I’ll need a car for that.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m eyeing the camera, still in the bag and in its box, and inching a little closer to opening it. :) I’ll let you know.

‘Til next time!

ETA at 5:40pm I opened the camera and I LOVE IT. :D

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Saturday Night Bullets

I’m here at home, all by myself. Well, not completely by myself. The cats are here. Adam’s out doing a tour, but he should be home soon.

· I ate spaghetti with hotdogs (not Eckridge–while I am hunting for full-time work, ALDI brand foods are my friends, and will continue to be my friends even after I’m employed; the name brand stuff is just too expensive out here) and watched CLUELESS. I recited the whole movie!

· Cleaned like a fiend today. I did the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and my desk. We also washed sheets and comforters. Adam cleaned the kitchen. All that’s left are the litter boxes, which Adam will take care of. Hardwood floors are harder to maintain than carpet. I am constantly sweeping. I told Adam we need a Swiffer. At any rate, the place looks amazing now. When we were done cleaning, I burned green tea incense in the room and a floral incense in the living room.

· Lucy made me REALLY mad last night. I got her out of the bedroom to drink some water. She drank lots and lots and lots. Then she climbed on the bed and proceeded to pee on my pillows. My main pillow and Pandernoodle were in the living room, thank God for that, but still, she peed on the pillows! Grrr! I had to dump out half a bottle of Nature’s Miracle and get the pillows out of the guest room so I’d be comfortable. (I like to sleep on at least three pillows). Oh well. The pillows and cases are clean now. Dang cat. >:( She didn’t get any loving from me last night.

· Crookshanks is lying beside me on the couch. He is a very cuddly cat. I don’t get his motive for pooping in random places such as on beds, though. What is up with these cats and their “the litterbox is optional” attitudes? *sigh*

· Want to make a quick $25? This program is like Paypal, but with no fees. I got my $25 a few weeks ago, and if you sign up under me, you get $25, and I get $10. No obligation necessary, just free money. You should go for it! Click the button!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

· I was thinking of blogging at my domain again. But here are the issues:
1. I am not a Web designer anymore. All the layouts I used to make, which was nothing like what other people made? Yeah, that talent is gone.
2. On that same note, trying to decipher Word Press or b2 or whatever just takes too much effort these days. I just don’t have the patience I used to, not where there is LiveJournal and Blogspot with nice, neat templates already.
3. I love the community here on LiveJournal. I don’t want to lose that.

So, we’ll see. There are premade templates and layouts, but none of them are really ME, and I know to get that, I’d have to design one myself. And refer to #1 as to how I feel about that.

· I really like makeover shows such as WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Those shows are so much fun to watch. However, I have to remember the whole CENTRAL TIME thing, and when the TV says something is coming on at eight, that really means seven. Sometimes, I forget. If it’s a show I really want to watch, though, I set the DVR. I try to limit my TV watching to 1.5 hours a day. It’s all too easy to become a couch potato.

· I have a slight scratchy throat. I’m thinking a lot of rest tomorrow morning will help take care of it, and maybe some drugs too. Heh. Still…I feel a lot healthier (and would be even more if I’d quit eating so much) than I did in Columbus. Maybe it’s not having carpet, and not working in a cube farm that’s helping. I enjoy freelancing and working from home.

That’s it for now. ‘Til next time!

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Blizzard Pix (Pictures)

We got about 16 inches of snow in 24 hours. Snow drifts are about 30 inches high–up to my waist. I have no clue how I’m going to get to work on Monday, as the stuff is all around my poor car.

The Blizzard of 2008

The Blizzard of 2008

The Blizzard of 2008

The Blizzard of 2008
My friend Sarah had to work today at a place located about 3/4ths of a mile from where I live. Instead of her driving all the way home in this crazy weather, she came over and hung out with me. It was the fastest six hours ever. Such a fun time. :)

The Blizzard of 2008
My car

The Blizzard of 2008
A tire. Not sure how I’m going to make it to work Monday. I don’t have a shovel. But I do have hands and a broom, so it looks like I’m going to be digging instead of packing tomorrow. *sigh* I did a bit of digging today, and I cleaned off my car. My shoulders are totally aching.

The Blizzard of 2008
Another tire. *cries*

I really, really, really hope this is the end of this stuff. It took me an hour to get home (8.8 miles) yesterday, and I was scared and tense the whole time. I know, I’m moving to Chicago where I am pretty much guaranteed to have this junk dumped on me on a bi-weekly basis, but at least there are trains in Chicago and I shouldn’t have to drive all the time or scrape my car or dig myself out of two-foot drifts on a weekly basis.

And tamirabeth and zenosidal were supposed to come over today just to hang out and help me pack stuff, but nope. They got snowed in as well. I’m going to have to make up for it this week and DEFINITELY do the kitchen tomorrow! I did manage to pack up some of my bedroom today. Not much more to go in there, it’s probably about 93% done. Aidan’s room is 100% done except for the toys that zenosidal is supposed to help me sort (so he can take some and I can take some and some can go to Goodwill or trash).

Temps are going down to the teens tonight. It’s still snowing. I’m worried all that stuff around my car will turn into ICE and really freeze me in!

And OH MY, I don’t have milk. (Not that it matters. I don’t like milk!) I do have bread though, and Cool Splashers (LOL), and stuff to make cupcakes. I was supposed to make them when Sarah was here, but time really ran away from us. Boo. I also have a kitchen full of stinky trash. Gotta love that.

I am REALLY grateful it wasn’t a workday for me. I hate feeling like I HAVE to go out in this stuff, I feel like I’m putting my life in jeopardy when I have to drive in weather like this.

Seriously, I hope winter’s DONE for now. I’m more than ready for spring.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — The following counties in the 10TV viewing area are under snow emergencies as of 11:00 a.m. Saturday:

Level 3: Crawford, Delaware, Fayette, Hancock, Hocking, Knox, Madison, Morrow, Muskingum, Perry, Union, Vinton

Level 2: Athens, Champaign, Clark, Coshocton, Fairfield, Franklin, Greene, Hardin, Licking, Logan, Marion, Pickaway, Pike, Richland, Ross, Wyandot

Level 1: No counties are under Level 1 snow emergencies.

Snow Emergency Explanation

Level 1 Snow Emergency: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads are also icy; drive carefully.

Level 2 Snow Emergency: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Only those who believe it is necessary to drive should be out on the roadways. Contact your employer to see if you should report to work.

Level 3 Snow Emergency: All roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one else should be out during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel. All employees should contact their employers to see if they should report to work. Those traveling on the roadways may be subject to arrest.

kpluta, this is all your fault. The heavenly weather controller TOTALLY got the O states mixed up. Although how s/he could have confused Oklahoma with Ohio is beyond me.

I should go out and take pictures. I don’t have to drive in this crap today, so it’ll make for some pretty photos. It hasn’t snowed like this since Aidan was a new little baby, back in 2004. Thank God it’s happening over a weekend.

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