A Potluck Entry (Multimedia), Meme

Ew, it stinks in my apartment because someone down the hall burned food. It’s not popcorn, it’s something else. Ew. I just sprayed some Fabreeze air freshener, so it should be better soon.

Today, I took a two-hour nap. I did NOT want to get up, but I had to finish my homework. Plus, I got my W2s, so I kind of want to do my taxes. But I don’t know, it’s nearly 10pm, and I still have another month to pay, so I don’t think I’m going to hurry THAT much. We’ll see, though.

Anyway, it’s amazing what one can find to do when avoiding homework. In the fall, I made a video of Aidan at the Park of Roses. I got into my video editing software and came up with a Remixed Version! Heehee. Check it out:

Actually, the homework excercises are pretty easy. I just have to be careful and not get careless. I do this for a living, so it’s easy for me to get a big head and say “oh pish posh, this is cake!” I have to keep focusing and treat this as if I’m a freshman with NO clue about copy editing whatsoever.

I am having a hard time with the reading. I always disliked doing the reading when I was at Ohio State. I can only remember three classes in which I enjoyed the reading. One was in English class that focused on Chicano literature. The professor was this big Mexican guy from Texas. He always wore gigantic cowboy hats. I remember reading a book called Trini which I loved. It’s been long out of print, but I remember enjoying that class and the other readings, too. Another class in which I enjoyed reading was my African American Literature class, but it had a different name then. The professor was this cute man named Richard Shipley, I believe, and I loved the way he taught. That was where I got my first real exposure to Alice Walker and Zora Neale Hurston. The third class I loved to read was Plant Biology 101. Funny, huh? But that class was so interesting. I had no problems keeping on top of things in that class. The labs were fun, and the professor was a wacko. On the first day of class (for Plant Bio 101 and 102), he dressed up as an alien named Trog. It was awesome. I wish I could find the power cord to my scanner so I could scan the picture. He was fantastic. The other teachers I remember from college are Alicia Chavez, who taught Spanish 104, Lucinda (can’t remember her last name) who introduced our English class to EMAIL and to whom I turned in a 20+ page paper on the pinball machine culture. (Speaking of, there is a pinball machine museum in Vegas that I REALLY want to visit someday….) One of my psychology professors always had a Diet Coke. Every single day. Except once, he had Taco Bell. I went up to him and said “You went to Taco Bell. They serve Pepsi at Taco Bell.” He was totally tickled that I noticed. I remember my dance teachers. There was Ursula, and Natalie, and I had a guy once, too. And there was my gymnastics teacher who’d said, “No one has ever fallen off the vault in one of my classes. Don’t be the first.” I can’t remember her name, but I remember that. Wow, what a random trip down memory lane, but that’s what you get when I decide to make a potluck entry.

Ew, oh God, I’m going to smell like burnt crap tomorrow. Ugh. That smell never goes away. Maybe I’ll burn an incense. It’ll make me sneeze like crazy, but at least I won’t smell like burnt whatever. Gross.

You know what I hate? When I click a link, and just before the page changes to the new link, I see something interesting. That JUST happened to me. Blah. I hope it’s not a dymanic change, so that when I hit the back button, it’ll still be there.

I’m in the mood to see Juno again. It would be the first time I’ve seen it without having a severe sore throat or some other kind of sickness. But poor little Aidan keeps getting sick. When he was here last night, he felt warm, but he ALWAYS feels warm, so I don’t really have a control. *sigh* The poor baby. This weekend should be chill with him though. There’s a Spongebob game, loads of DVDs that he hasn’t watched yet, plus some Christmas toys he hasn’t opened! My place will be a wreck when it’s over, but it’s all good. I suppose we’ll hit the store tomorrow to get some groceries–I need more Cream of Wheat and Malt-O-Meal. This weekend will be all about hot cereals and other comfort foods. I also promised him we’d bake cookies.

I took a bunch of cute pictures of him last night.

Fuzzily Handsome



I hope to get more this weekend. :)

I am so behind on LJ entries. I’ve been mostly skimming. On the days when I am bored silly, NO ONE updates. On the days when I really shouldn’t be reading or can’t read LJ, 4385349549578 people update multiple times! I’m overwhelmed. *sniffle*

I’ve been tagged by alwaysonlybe, so here goes:

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag “whoever wants to do it”.

(Some of these will probably be repeats. One can only be so quirky.)

1. I hate mushrooms growing out of the ground. THEY FREAK ME THE HELL OUT. I don’t like how they suddenly appear and I think they look awkward. I literally get chills when I see them or even when I think about them. *shivers*

2. I really like A names. I’m marrying a guy named Adam. My son’s name is Aidan. If I ever decide to have another child and it’s a girl, I will want her name to be Adrianne or Adrianna. I also really like the name Anna.

3. I LOVE doing those word games where you take a word or phrase and try to make words out of them. I can usually get at least 135 words out of a phrase.

4. As time starts to wind down for me to move, the more I start to freak out. I mean, talk about a HUGE life change. I am not even going to get into it tonight.

5. I’m almost always cold. It takes me ages to warm up, and all of that can be undone in about 30 seconds. It’s annoying.

6. My eyes are itching at the moment.

7. Even though I often say it in moments of anger, I still feel very guilty about using the word “goddammit.” :(

I tag: swankivy, fisme_nasu, newport2newport, quietasariot, tamirabeth, meimeigui, and crimsonghost_oh.

It’s COLD out. But not as cold as it is in Chicago. See #5. Living there will be a huge adjustment as it is. Throw in those cold temps. Eek. I hope to be able to get one of those fancy Eddie Bauer coats that keep you warm in 20 below weather and a pair of Uggs. I think it’ll be worth the money. I don’t even care if I LOOK that cute. When it’s 2 degrees fahrenheit with a windchill of -20, comfort over style always, baby. Comfort over style is the RULE for me.

Alright, I should finish up my assignment (needs two more passes, I may wait until tomorrow to do pass three) and head back to bed. Lavender bath first, though. I would eat dinner, but my appetite’s been kind of ruined by the stinky burnt food smell still wafting in my apartment. Blech. Plus, I ate a HUGE lunch, so I should be okay. I might eat a bit of cereal.

Night night.

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Can You Feel A Brand New Day!

Today is my first day of Copyediting I, through the UC San Diego Extension course. I already did one of my assignments, which was to introduce myself on the classroom discussion board. There are several readings for me to complete before the end of the week. I can’t even believe I’m back in school again, even if it is an online course. There will even be quizzes and a midterm. Oh Lord, help me.


Update on the sore throat situation:

Friday, my doctor’s office called and said that he wanted me to get a CAT scan. A CAT scan. Eek. I would have been okay with it, except my insurance has a $500 deductibe and then they only cover 80% of the cost. He also wanted me to see an ENT (ear/nose/throat) specialist. It just so happens that my co-worker’s father happens to be one of the most respected ENTs in the city. She called him and told him my situation. They got me an appointment for today. In the meantime, my doctor was kind enough to give me a prescription for Darvocet once he found out how much ibuprofen I was taking to edge off the pain.

The ENT told me to hold off on the CAT scan. If I was all swollen and stuff, it wouldn’t do any good and would be a waste of my money. That was a relief, and I need to call my doctor and tell him that.

I took three Darvocet Friday night over the course of about six hours or so. I slept and slept and slept on Saturday. There were points that my throat felt like–okay, you know how it is when you want to cry and you’re trying not to? That pressure? That’s how I felt. My ears, too. Ouch. Three more Darvocet kept me feeling pretty sleepy Saturday, and I woke up Saturday night, at around 730 or so. It felt like there was a gigantic cotton ball in my throat. I knew that if I could somehow pull that cotton ball out, I’d start to feel better.

Sunday morning, I woke up and realized I was able to swallow. SWALLOW! There was virtually no pain, and I was just.. amazed. I’d forgotten how it felt to feel somewhat normal. I’d been eating very little lately because it’s just been too miserable to get anything past my fiery throat, so when my friend Angelo bought me dinner at Ponderosa last night, I kinda sorta pigged out. It was SO nice to talk without pain, to eat without pain. It still kind of hurts when I yawn, or if I swallow too hard, but it’s not like I’m yawning or dramatically swallowing all the time, right?

Today, I went to the ENT. After listening to me describe my symptoms and examining me, he said that although I am starting to feel better, he was going to put me on acute status. That means that the second I start to feel anything like I have the past several weeks (If that happens, it’s possible that I am actually healting, but time will tell), save today and yesterday, to call and he’d see me right away. He also said that he is concerned about my tonsils, but not to the point where we need to talk surgery. He did say that tonsils and wreck havoc on the entire head system, including ears. He mentioned that I could be healing–and that at the early stages, my symptoms could be going away but the tissue won’t be healed for a long time–or things could be quieting down just for a bit and could flare up really badly again. And as I said, the pain is not completely gone. I know I’m not out of the woods yet, so I’m keeping his business card close, just in case.

I’ve been making it through the day with no painkillers at all, but I am still taking a Darvocet at night, because I don’t want to take any chances and be awakened by crazy pain. So, that’ s the update so far.

Oh yeah…. I really hate it when big pills decide to go CROSSWAYS down my throat. OUCH.


Aidan is still up North. I called today and he was being REALLY naughty! My mom had to put him in time out and at one point, Aidan got mad and started yelling “I WANT MOMMY I WANT MOMMY.” I’m thinking “Um, sure, but if I was there, you’d be staying in time out because you were not acting nice!” Lots of drama, especially when he is tired.


My appetite has been sufficiently supressed. The Psuedovent is doing it. There is a warning in the patient info thingy that says DO NOT TAKE APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS WHILE TAKING THIS MEDICATION or something like that. And when I asked my pharmacist friend Angelo last night at dinner, he said something about there being some appetite suppressing agents in the Psuedovent. So, in addition to not eating much due to being in pain, I also haven’t had much appetite. I got on the scale tonight before my bath and in clothes, I weighed 107.

I haven’t been below 110 since the summer of 2006. I wonder if I can keep this up? Last year this time I was definitely bigger. My jeans are falling off of me these days. I’m not complaining.


Friday, I won a $20 gift certificate to from the Wise Bread Forums! Now I have $45 to spend there, and no clue what I want to spend it on. Well, I have some ideas, but I haven’t decided which one(s) to go with yet.


I find myself once again addicted to that damn Poppit game on Son of a bitch. I won’t even bother linking it because then I’ll GO there and end up playing for another two hours. Argh. Stupid fun pointless cute games.


I should go to bed. I was up late last night, had a horrible time finding my way to the doctor’s office today (wasted so much gas, grrr), and I just need more rest. I definitely don’t want to relapse and go back into that horrible pain again.

Good night.

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