Reason number 328943 why having a kid (especially a BOY kid) is great:

You can “make” the toy Buzz Lightyear scream “in pain” for fifteen minutes straight, pretending he has explosive diarrhea.

Three-year old boys LOVE that.

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Kelle Belle (10:36:11 AM): mcdonald’s get on my nerves…how the hell am i supposed to eat a Fruit-N-Yogurt Parfait with a knife and fork?!?
Ronni (10:36:16 AM): ROFL

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Aidan can’t quite pronounce the Ss at the beginning of his words yet. They sound like Ds.

He got a hockey stick for Christmas.

He wanted tape on it.

You can imagine what happened.

Aidan: I need tape on my dick.

Ronni and Chris – silent, crazy laughter.

We have that on tape. Can’t wait to show him when he’s older. HA.

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