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Last night, I threw a Welcome Home Party for the awesome, amazing, curly-haired Tami! I’m so glad she’s back. I’ve missed her. I remember when she left at the end of May. August seemed ages away. And now it’s here and she’s here and it’s so good to have her around again. She bought us a canister of green tea leaves, and a cute little outfit for Aidan.

A bunch of my favorite people showed up for the party: Aimee, Christy, Tina, Rob, Monica, Kelly P, Tyler, Craig, and Abe. I think that’s everyone. Naturally, it was good times. There was karaoke, guitar playing, snacking, talking, lots of laughing, and just plain acting stupid. We had a wonderful time. I love, love, LOVE having my friends over to my place.

Some of the more memorable moments & quotes of the evening were:

Kelly: …and then I thought “Wow, he’s cute.” And he thought “Wow, she thinks I’m cute.”
Kelly telling me about how she and Tyler discovered they liked each other.

Chris: …that’s “f” as in Frank, “f” as in Frank, “f” as in Frank.
Chris pranking Hooked on Phonics and telling them his name was Webster, but spelled webfffsteeeeeer-ih and excercising Chad’s “3 Fs Rule” which states that 3 Fs together in a word means the “F” sound is silent.

Rob: No one can out-gay me.
I wasn’t there for that one, I just heard about it.

Everyone: Where’s Tami? Isn’t she the guest of honor?
Tami showed up 90 minutes later than she was supposed to!

Kelly: Am I the prettiest girl in the world?
Tyler: [Long silence. Stares at Kelly with an “are you serious” expression on his face.]
Hee hee.

Actually, those two are really cute together. At one point, he was sitting on her lap and they were playing Zelda on the SNES, and SHARING THE CONTROLLER. One, single controller. She worked the keypad, he worked the A,B, X & Y buttons. Awww. Wait, I mean, EWW, COOTIES!!!!!!

Abe: That’s because everyone’s staring at my hot body.
Don’t ask. ;)

Monica: I don’t want to be Martin. He’s ugly.
Protesting the current Karaoke Revolution character.

Hmm. Tyler kicked my a$$ over and over while playing Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct. That was kind of embarrassing. But I beat Kelly in Karaoke Revolution. Although she says wait ’til next time. You are so on, Kelly! Kidding. She’s a way better singer than I am, so I know she’ll kick my butt. I don’t care though, cause it’ll be fun anyway. Almost nothing can top Tyler singing all the teen-angst Avril-type songs in a high pitched girly voice. It was sweet. Chris did his Cher impression, and Craig turned all gangsta on us. It was awesome. Abe is out of control. That’s the only way to describe him. ;)

I hadn’t seen Rob and Monica in ages, so it was great to hang out with them again. I can’t wait to post my pics from last night. Especially the ones of Kelly and her cute new haircut, and the one of Abe and his “hot body.” :) Word.

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Tonight Rocked! :)

Actually, I guess last night rocked, technically. Since I’m up late AGAIN. I hosted Bible study at my house, but we didn’t actually study the Bible. Oops. But we had a good time. I supplied food and drinks. They supplied their company. We played Scattegories (I lost), and we watched Tyler play Lemmings on Playstation 2, which was interesting. But the best part? TAMI CALLED!!! She called her cell (which is in Kim’s possession) and it happened to be during my study/party. All the girls got to talk to her and it was awesome to hear her voice. I MISS HER!

So, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

1. Kelly P needs to come over all the time.
2. So does her boyfriend Tyler.
3. And so do Kim and Tina.
4. Matt needs to come over and cook for me.
5. I need to hang out with Chad and Christy and Aimee more.
6. Craig is awesome.
7. Bob and Corey are amazingly cute together.
8. I need to be there for Lauren.

I had so much fun. I love my friends. They’re great. Dang it, I still haven’t gotten a picture of Aimee. Well, that will have to change soon. Yup, yup.

I took more pictures and made the album, but now my site is down so I cannot upload. That sucks.

Okay. Peace, I’m out. I need to go to bed. Then I’ll take a nap in my car during lunch again. That’s cool. :) Night!

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