Why today was a good day:

  1. Dreams that are good, even if they’re unhealthy.
  2. Sleeping in ’til about noon. Mmmm.
  3. A nice, long bath.
  4. Chatting with Star (selfstyled)
  5. Beautiful sunny weather!
  6. CD full of mixes of my favorite new song Believe In Me by Pleasure Center arriving in the mail.
  7. Spring at Goodale Park.
  8. Visiting the library.
  9. Dinner outside.
  10. Finishing another book (Scary Beautiful by Niki Burnham)
  11. Running into friends at Target.
  12. Postcard from The Video Professor saying they were going to credit my account $80!!!
  13. Lovely incense wafting through the loft right now.
  14. Zen-ness. Yes!

Notice #7? Of course I got pictures!


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