:) (Picture)

I’ve wanted an American Girl doll for years and years. I live in Chicago, where we have a store called American Girl Place, so I can go in there and see the dolls up close and in person anytime I want. I’ve been secretly going into this store and drooling over the dolls and the cute outfits. Today, I finally got one!

Newest Family Member

She’s one of the “Just Like Me” dolls, and she’s the closest one to me I’ll ever find. I brought her home with me today, and named her Riley. She wears glasses like I do, but the camera glare isn’t friendly to them. So, like me, she photographs without glasses. :)

I’m so excited. I haven’t bought a doll for myself in years!

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Working Girl

Tomorrow, I start freelance proofreading for Ogilvy, an ad agency. It was just one of those things–walking in for the interview, I felt like I belonged there. The commute is easy, the place is neat, they supply ICE CREAM, there are game tables and updated software and computers, and I can wear jeans and listen to headphones while I work.

But best of all, I get to do what I love!

I have never been so excited about starting a new position before.


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Loving California

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Hello Winter! (Pictures)

Winter came in like a lion, let’s hope it goes out like a lamb. :) Here’s the latest weather update, screenshot taken from my iPhone:

Temperature December 21, 2008

I was supposed to head up to Jeff and Deborah’s today to have a little party, but Adam and I talked it over and decided that it’d be safer and make more sense to stay in where it’s warm. I was looking forward to hanging out with Jeff and Deborah, but we rescheduled. So now it’ll be a combination birthday/Hanukkah/New Year’s party. :) All the more reason to celebrate, right?

Speaking of celebrating, I had a really great birthday. Adam kicked things off at midnight with this awesome box:

Birthday Present!

It was full of Lush goodies! My very favorite kind of present! He kept hinting that it was something I’d love, but would never buy for myself. Or that I’d want it but constantly talk myself out of it. He was so right. I love it, and I would have never got myself a box that big of Lush stuff. He got me a Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, and a cheeseburger from Salerno’s which was yummy, and my friend Jen came over. We went on the Weird Chicago tour where another one of the patrons shared my birthday (but he was a year younger). One of them bought us all drinks. I had an Amaretto Sour. Adam had Scotch. The tour was really cool. As I’ve said before, every one is different, and I hadn’t been on one in a long time. This time we went down Prairie Avenue and looked at gorgeous houses. The snow was that pretty, soft snow. See?

Snow in Chicago Snow in Chicago

Jen & Adam Snow in Chicago

After that fun night, Jen, Adam and I came back and hung out and chatted. It was very pleasant. We have kidnapped her for the time being. :)

My Facebook wall BLEW UP with birthday greetings, and I got an eCard that I have yet to check out. I talked to Aidan, my mom, and my old friend from college Rita. I feel very loved and blessed.

Only a few days until Christmas!

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