Month: June 2008

Good Day :)

Reasons why today was good:

1. It’s Friday!
2. The temp gig I am on got extended ’til July 11. That means I might be able to get that pink camera after all, or a nicer all-purpose lens for the SLR.
3. Free lunch. Woo!
4. Work closed an hour early.
5. I got Firefox 3 to work again. (It had stopped loading properly and I couldn’t access anything!)
6. I booked our honeymoon! ºOº

Speaking of the honeymoon, once it’s activated, I’ll post a link to the registry. It’s gonna be good times! :)

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Change of Plans! (Wedding)

So, OK. Adam and I were supposed to originally get married on November 1, at this gorgeous little Irish Bistro. Except neither of us were really into the planning. At all. I mean, I haven’t done a THING in months. The thought of doing stuff made me panic and I preferred to sweep it all under the rug.

We have scrapped the original plans. Instead, we’re going to do a fly-by-night ceremony on one of the beaches. Anyone who wants to just needs to be in a location [to be determined] to hitch a ride on the Weird Chicago bus on July 27, 2008. The time is to be determined, but rest assured that we will post real details before long.

So, wish us good weather and good luck. It should be a good time!

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