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Blasts From The Past (Many Pictures & Extreme Narcissism)

A few weeks ago, I hooked my computer up to the scanner/printer/copier/fax machine/coffee maker/deep fryer/hot tub to scan some pictures. It’s one of those new(ish) Kodak ones that you put the really cheap ink in. Adam’s not happy with the printer, but who really is happy with their printer? I am VERY happy with the scanner, though. The easiest scanning I’ve ever done. No need to install bulky software. Just plop the picture in, push the button, and voila! So easy!

So, I went on a scanning spree. It’s time for me to thoroughly embarrass myself. Funny colors, creases, thumbs, and all. You will get the full enchilada of what happens when one digs out the big guns. Enjoy!

Little Cleveland Browns fan me. February 1977. I was two here. Had been for a couple months.

Happy Easter, Little Ronica!
I was two here, and it was Easter. Obvi. 1977.

Happy Easter, Little Ronica!
I was three here, and it was another Easter! Those curls were done with the magic of sponge rollers. You know you’re jealous. 1978.

I Love Christmas!
I had just turned nine here. December 1983. Merry Christmas!

Dancing Sisters
Me and my sister rocking out at my Aunt Lue’s house.

YAY Baby Skates!
This was the first of many Baby Skates dolls I got. The legs kept snapping off for some reason.

Merry Christmas!
Check out the retro Rainbow Brite doll my cousin Terri is holding behind me. I had just turned 10 here. Yeah, I was still playing with dolls. I STILL play with dolls. What?

Sixth Grade Graduation
Sixth grade graduation. June 1987. Mr. Trask, on the left, was the most awesome principal EVER. In my book, ONLY YOURS, I made him one of the teachers. Since OY didn’t sell, I plan to recycle him. It’s my way of remembering the best principal ever. First of all, he liked Mickey Mouse and wore Mickey Mouse ties (he’s wearing one in this picture!) and a Mickey Mouse watch. And he’d arrange for us to get out of class to eat popcorn, drink pop, and watch Mary Poppins. Or Laurel & Hardy. Do schools still do that sort of thing? Anyway, Mrs. Arnold, the assistant principal, is the one handing me something. She was the strict one, but she wasn’t mean. Her daughter, Jennifer, played violin and was SUPER talented at it. I am telling you all of this because, well, I need to somehow distract you all from the crazy dress I’m wearing.

Just saying….

Working on Science Fair Project
Here I am in ninth grade honors biology, working on my science project. I still remember my hypothesis: If a fruit juice is fermenting, then it is giving off heat. I won third place. I also remember breaking a mercury thermometer. Go me. Like my double watches? I was STYLIN’.

Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. I was too obsessed with Joey McIntyre to worry much about real boys. My earrings are Lifesavers, though. Rock on.

Meeting Mario Lopez
Remember how I was too obsessed with celebrity boys to care much about real boys? Yeah, this is another example. Hmm, Homecoming or Mario Lopez? The choice was easy. I brought him a Homecoming flower that I’d spritzed with my Love’s Baby Soft Rain Scent perfume. He said it smelled good. October 1992.

High School Senior Pictures
My senior picture.

High School Graduation
YAY! Graduation from John Adams High School. Class of 1993!

Working the Front Desk
I lived in the Stadium Scholarship Dorm, but it would have been more accurately named the Stadium Work-Study Dorm. For a reduced cost (and a GPA of 2.8 or higher), the residents took up a lot of the work that would have normally gone to pay staff. For example, students worked cafeteria shifts, janitorial shifts, planned social events, and so on. After one or two cafeteria shifts, I was lucky enough to get clued in regarding an office shift. Here I am, on duty!

Mickey Mouse Freak
This was during college. Not sure if this was freshman or sophomore year–I started on an off-quarter, so the years kind of overlapped for a while there. Still, the point of this picture is to show you how into Mickey Mouse I was. There’s Mickey Mouse all over that room! I wish I still had that vest. It’s pretty sweet.

Woo Hoo!
YEA! I am out of the dorms and living in Harrison House Apartments (which is completely something else these days). This is autumn 1995.

This was right after I was baptized and confirmed as a Catholic through RCIA. April 1996. I was a devout Catholic for about six months before backsliding. Oops. I no longer practice, but I think some aspects of the faith are beautiful.

First Day
Another desk job at my place of residence. I picked up some shifts at the Harrison House front desk. It was… interesting. Strangely enough, the graveyard shift was the most interesting. I was still very Catholic then. See the Eucharist necklace I’m wearing?

July 4, 1996. I’m really into the spirit! Ha!

Sunny Girl
Me on the balcony at Crystal’s Castle hotel in Pompano Beach, Florida, December 1996. Going to Southern Florida the week before Christmas was surreal. To be outside in the warm, sunny weather, playing on the beach and whatnot. Then going inside a mall and seeing Santa and candy canes and Christmas trees. People decorated their palm trees with strings of lights. It was very cool.

Flat Tummy
Oh, how I miss that flat tummy. And those pants were probably a size 0 or 2. *sigh* June 1998.

On The Beach
Virginia Beach, September 1999.

OK, so that’s a bunch of pictures of me from the 20th century. I also plan to do a major Aidan Blast From the Past, because I found some really adorable photos of him that I’d love to share. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post. I’d love to see some of YOUR blasts from the past!! :D

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Summertime Happiness (Whoa Pictures!)

I can’t believe it’s already been nearly a month since I’ve last updated! Like seriously, where did June go? And Independence Day has already passed. Slow down a bit, summer! I am not in a hurry for you to go away!

When I last left off, Eli and Melissa were still in town. I snapped this last picture of us before they took off:

Eli, Me, Melissa

There was much hanging out and playing….

A Pause From Playing

Light Saber Time!

Then the next weekend was DucKon! Aidan had a great time. He fit right in, talking Star Wars and watching the Tesla Coils. His favorite thing, though, was the balloon art.

Aidan at DucKon 2010

During DucKon, we stayed at the hotel so Adam could stay as late as he wanted at the Filk. Aidan and I were up pretty late, and thank goodness because the fire alarm went off at around 2am! Aidan was amazingly efficient. He grabbed both of our stuffed toys, his balloon animal and his shoes. I grabbed my purse, the hotel key, and my hoodie. We went outside. Never found out the cause of that alarm. The one that went off at 8am was more scary, because this time we actually saw smoke. (Someone had burnt their breakfast.) Again, Aidan woke up and gathered everything very efficiently and we waited outside for the all-clear.

The days are speeding by in a blur of video games, sunshine, yoga, trips to the library (Aidan read 25 books and earned a tee-shirt), grilled foods, friends, and trips to the playground. On the day of the iPhone 4 release, we three stood in line for six hours to get the new phone. Apple provided us with Smart Water, lemonade, burgers, fries, and frosty desserts. Other companies passed out carrier bags and Red Bull. The people working in the store, though they must have been exhausted, were friendly and good-natured. Aidan was so good that I bought him a toy from The Disney Store. He also got to meet Mr. Reese’s (and get free candy!):

Aidan Meets Mr. Reese's!

Another time, I decided I was having a good hair day and wanted to document it:

Me, July 2010

Helena was looking extra pretty another day:

Pretty Helena

July 4th consisted of food, friends, fireworks, and red, white, and blue Jell-O cake made by Yours Truly. Sure do wish I’d gotten a picture of that cake before we tore into it!

Amy & Me Piggy Back
Chris and Aidan, and Amy and Me

Some new dollies made their way into my home and my heart:

Monster High

I got to meet and hang out with the beautiful Mylin, who is an independent artist based in Los Angeles. She came to Chicago for a visit and spent the afternoon with me yesterday. I’d admired her since she was a teenager, dancing and singing on the All-New Mickey Mouse Club:

Me and Mylin

We also stopped at the Oak Street Beach. Why do I live here and never go to the beach? It’s so pretty!

Oak Street Beach

Adam’s still working for the Census. I’m proofreading for Loyola, hanging out with Aidan, and still playing too many games, although I have cut back a lot of the Facebook games. Now I play more word games which actually do help me think a lot about my writing. Aidan plays a lot of games. He also does a really good impression of the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who. We watch The Eleventh Hour constantly. I think it’s one of my favorite episodes of new Who. (I haven’t watched very much old Who.)

The iPhone 4 is pretty cool. Not sure it if was worth waiting SIX hours for, but I’m glad I have it because my other one was making me mad. Crashing all the time, turning itself on and off whenever it wanted. Blah. Adam restored/unlocked it and sold it for nearly the cost of my new phone, so I essentially upgraded for $40. :)

I think that’s all for now. Life’s good. I am very grateful. ‘Til next time!

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