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Just thought I’d update while waiting for a program to download for a survey. I’m also procrastinating with writing. I don’t understand. I LOVE writing so much, but I fight doing it. I wonder if it’s because I enjoy it so much that I feel I don’t deserve to do it…? I get so much joy out of writing. It really is exhilerating; and yet, I deny myself the chance to do it more often than not. It’s weird.

Chad and Christy came over and we hung out and ate dinner. I love them. They’re great. I can’t wait to go shopping with them on Saturday.

Poor little Aidan. He didn’t want to go to bed alone tonight. He kept screaming MOMMY for ME! Not Mommy for Chris or anyone. He wanted me. Chad was telling me not to worry, that Chris was upstairs with him and that he’d be fine. But I can’t enjoy my dinner knowing my son wants me so much he’s screaming my name. So I went upstairs and cuddled with him. Aidan wrapped his little arms around me and held on for dear life until he was truly asleep. My sweet little boy.

I’m taking the day off tomorrow. I have a feeling my boss will be mad. But firstly, there is no sitter for Aidan tomorrow. Secondly, I am still not sure where I am with this kidney stone. I took some pain meds tonight (last night?) and boy did they make me feel high. Heh. It was nice, but not as nice as the way the stuff from the hospital made me feel!

So, it’s October 1st. Only17 days til I go to Vegas! Exciting stuff. My mom called to remind me of how many days are left. She said she’s really excited to spend time with me. That’s going to be weird. I haven’t spent a lot of time with my mom in years. But I’m excited, plotting how I can get Greg (my stepdad) to buy me a necklace from Tiffany. :) She freaked out though, when I told her that I met Ivy on the internet. “Don’t let people you meet from the internet into your house! They might be crazy!” Tsk tsk, Mommy. I’ve known Ivy for seven years now, and I’ve met her before. We spent nearly a week together and we’re okay. Not everyone is psycho! Oh well. She’s just being a mommy, I guess.

Well, my contacts are screaming to come out of my eyes, and I need to get back to writing something. Or get my bootay to bed. One or the other.


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10 Reasons

Ten Reasons Why I Am A Dork

1. I took an intermediate level Word 2000 class today and ENJOYED it.
2. I am excited to play around with Word 2000 and try out all the new stuff I learned.
3. I can’t remember Mommy’s phone number.
4. I am home alone on a Friday night. :(
5. I ate 2 meals and 2 granola bars today and I feel like I’ve made a pig of myself.
6. I get excited about tator tots. TATOR TOTS. Can you freakin’ imagine…? (Had some and a hamburger for lunch today)

Okay, so I could only think of 6 reasons for now. You know what? Aidan is starting to say more and more words. Today, my car was making that “ding dong turn on your seatbelt, dork” sound, and Aidan starting saying it. Well, just the “ding dong” part. And he says “moon” and “mommy” and “daddy” and “me” (stands for mine or my). He also says a bunch of stuff that sounds like sentences, but only Aidan can understand them.

And I LOVE the way he smells. He always smells so yummy. I could just hold him and smell him. Unless he is poopy. But otherwise, he just smells so good. My little Aidan. :)

I also realized something as I was driving today. I’d always wanted to stop and take pictures of the leaves changing and stuff. Now, I can. ‘Cause I have my own car and if I feel like stopping, I can. Woohoo.

I have some library books due, but I can’t remember what day they are due on. I’ve become rather attached to one of them and I really don’t want to give it up, as it can’t be found in stores, but I must. Drat. I wonder if I can turn it in, and then take it out again the next day? Technically, that’s not renewing (for the 4th time)….

Alrighty. Aidan wants to go downstairs, and he asked nicely. So, for now, I’m outta here.

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So yeah. The SUV is sick again. We aren’t going to get it back until Wednesday. There needs to be a 15 hour rewiring something-something. They are paying for the rental car now. Unfortunately, they are out of cars and Chris and Aidan are stranded at Ricart until they can get a car to them. Chris is not happy.

But in other news–Aidan Matthew is now ready for a toddler bed. This morning, he’d woken up crying, and Chris put him in with us. Well, Chris woke up before Aidan. When Aidan got up, he got out of the bed and came down the hall. This is so exciting! We can take the crib apart. Wow, my little one’s growing up!

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