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Potluck Entry/Conversations With Aidan (Pictures)

A HUGE storm blew in last night. I was home alone. I was downstairs making a bologna sandwich when it hit full force. It was SO LOUD. I glanced out the window. Visibility was 0. Things were pounding against the windows. I got scared and ran down to the basement. Gracie was right beside me. I crouched down, wondering if I’d REALLY be protected down there if a tornado hit.

I went back upstairs, grabbed a couple of blankets, and went downstairs again. I crouched until all the banging and clanging stopped, then I went back upstairs. The electricity was still on. And it was eerily calm. That scared me.

I was relieved to open the door and see the sky was not green, and it was still raining pretty hard. There was hail everywhere. The yard looked as though it had been snowed in. I grabbed my camera and took pictures because I was just amazed:

The neighbor across the street was grabbing the stuff that had blown over to other’s yards. As I was taking pictures, the tornado sirens came on. That’s when I went back downstairs. Then I calmed down and finished making my dinner, went upstairs, ate, finished reading Burned, played on the computer for a while, took a Tylenol PM, and was out by 9:30 or so. 6:30am STILL came too early, though.

Work was work. I swear, that lunch hour goes by more quickly every day….

The front of the house needs work. The siding is torn in a LOT of places, there are cracked window frames (and possible windows?). It’s kind of scary, you know. This is the second pretty violent storm I’ve been in this year. I ALMOST had a panic attack last night–not even sure how I talked myself out of it. But if the storm had happened three years ago, I’d have been a wreck.

Today’s mail brought some good surprises. The Little Mermaid + goodies, and a beautiful letter from wlotus. I got a letter from verytruly on Monday, so now I have two letters to answer, yay! :)

Okay, I am tickled because I just found out that iTunes carries 2Hype by Kid-N-Play. Man. Talk about 1989! *feels old*

The weather was a nice, cool 61ºF today. I can deal with these temps. It’s when they start dipping in the 30s and 40s that I have problems.

Here are a few pictures:

Autumn Sun & Clouds
The fall sky.

Little Aidan. Only he’s not so little anymore….

Budding Rose
Rose bud from the yard.

Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday. I don’t have any plans, so maybe I’ll make Aidan watch The Little Mermaid with me, if we don’t do it tonight.

And my latest (amusing) conversation with Aidan:

Aidan: Look at my peepee!
Ronni: (Glances at Aidan. Notices his “peepee” sitting neatly on top of his underwear, which he has pulled down slightly) Aidan, put your peepee away! i don’t want to see your peepee!
Aidan: Look at it!
Ronni: NO!
Aidan: Pwease?
Ronni: No, put it away!
Aidan: I got to go potty.

That child…..

I need to answer emails. And work on a website. And eat at some point, too.


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Aidan is having a bad evening. Sort of.

· He can’t find his light-up shoes, and is refusing to put on his sandals.
· He wants Hawaiian Punch.

Here is the exchange:

Aidan: Can I have Hawaiian Punch?
Ronni: No, it’s too late.
Ronni: Aidan, it’s 7 o’clock, too late for juice.
Aidan: NO IT’S NOT NIGHT TIME! (louder, more whiny)
Ronni: Aidan, I said NO and I’m not going to argue with you.
Aidan: WAH!!!

Trying to get him to go outside, but we’ll see.

I don’t have to buy a new light for the aquarium after all. The plug had gotten knocked out of the socket, thus rendering it useless. But now, it’s plugged in and my aquarium has light again! Wheee! I’d cleaned it earlier this week too, so it looks very nice.

They let us out of work early today. 2pm. I went to the bank, then home, where I crashed until 4:30. I wasn’t all that tired, actually, but honestly, why turn down a free nap?

I am deciding if I want to work on MOVES tonight, or continue to prepare for CRUSH revisions. I start on them tomorrow. I’m really in a MOVES state of mind and I fear that if I work on it tonight, I won’t be able to switch gears to CRUSH mode. So I’m actually taking a break from writing today. I’ve gotten so used to doing it every single day that this feels weird.

Catching up on emails. I only have two to answer! :) Then the weekend.

· Writing
· Visiting Andy
· Visiting Mommy
· Family stuff
· Eating lots of food that’s not so good for me

Speaking of, Aidan is trying to force me to eat a giant marshmallow. Help.

‘Til next time!

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The Art of Negotiation: FOOD/Conversations with Aidan

Aidan does not get a lot of variety in his diet. Part of the reason is that he is super picky, and has a list of five foods he’ll eat with gusto. Part of the reason is that I’m not a creative cook at all, and when I’m hungry, I’m HUNGRY, so waiting forever for a meal is not an option. It has to be quick and easy. So last night, I made creamy chicken rice (Aidan thinks rice is short noodles LOL), peas, tator tots, and chicken nuggets. As soon as Aidan saw his plate, he began the whining: I DON’T LIKE PEAS. (I know that this is a full out lie. He eats peas all the time for my mom with full gusto). So, I made a deal. I said to him “If you eat ONE pea, you can have root beer.” Thus the bargaining began.

Ronni: One little pea. And you can have root beer.
Aidan: No, I eat one CHICKEN! Then I have root beer.
Ronni: No, one pea.
Aidan: No, I eat one tator tot, then I have root beer.
Ronni: No, one PEA. Just one little pea.
Ronni: They’re sweet. Just try one pea. And you can have root beer.
Aidan: One noodles.
Ronni: One little pea.

At this point, I got up, went to his side of the table, and put a pea on the fork. Aidan started to freak out, but then I calmly repeated my offer:

Ronni: All you have to do is eat one pea, and you can have some root beer.
Aidan: One pea?
Ronni: Just one.

Aidan ate the pea. I gave him a little bit of root beer. He asked for more, and I told him not until he ate more peas. Then I told him the more peas he ate, the more root beer he could have. He then ate several fork fulls of peas. A few tator tots. One chicken nugget, and a few forkfuls of rice/noodles. I felt good. :) He didn’t finish his plate by a long shot, but I got some veggies in the boy (and myself, for that matter).

He got hungry around 9:30pm and ate two packets of oatmeal. He’ll always love his staples.

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It’s Christmas Eve 2005. Can’t believe it’s here already. In a few hours, we’ll be heading up to see Aidan and celebrate Christmas with my mommy and stepfather. Then we’ll come back with presents and my little boy. It will be weird, getting back into the swing of things after not having to worry about him for two weeks. I miss him but not the work and I know I say this every time my “vacation” comes to an end.

Bizzy came over and we exchanged gifts. She got me stuffed a Mickey and a stuffed Minnie all dressed up in Christmas outfits. :) They’re on display in my family room. I got her a gift card to Forever 21. Then we ate spaghetti for dinner, watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and a bunch of Food Network/HGTV.

Going back to normal after the holidays will be hard, as it always is. I was spoiled the last week–early release days, parties, presents, treats, food. I hope things will be slow next week, but we’ll see.

I did this last year and wanted to see how my answers changed:



bolded ones have changed from last year…

movie you rented = I don’t rent movies
movie you bought = Finding Nemo and The Sword in the Stone
song you listened to = Popular – Wicked Soundtrack *
song that was stuck in your head = Let’s Just Get Naked – Joan Osborne
CD you bought = probably a Christmas CD
CD you listened to = one of my many Harry Connick Jr Christmas CDs
person you called = Bizzy
person who called you = Chris
tv show you watched = $40 A Day
person you were thinking of = Aidan :)

you have a crush on someone = NOPE
you wish you could live somewhere else = somewhere it doesn’t snow
others find you attractive = I guess…
want more piercings? = navel
you like cleaning = not really
you like roller coasters = yup
you write in cursive or print = a mixture of both
long distance relationships = I’ve done
using someone = I’ve done
killing people = no
teenage smoking = nope
driving drunk = not a smart thing to do
soap operas = no

ever cried over a boy/girl = yes
ever lied to someone = yep
ever been in a fist fight = nope
ever been arrested = no

shampoo do you use = Optimum Care
shoes do you wear = my oxfords from Target, my pink and grey Champions from Payless
are you scared of = something bad happening to Aidan

of times I have been in love? = 3
of times I have had my heart broken? = too f—ing many
of hearts I have broken? = *shrug*
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = at least 3
of scars on my body? = 1
of things in my past that I regret? = shutup

funny = sometimes
hot = sometimes
friendly = yes
amusing = sometimes
loveable = umm…
caring = very
sweet = yes
dorky = oh FOR SURE!
humble = yes

slept in your bed = uh… me?
you went to the movies with = Tina
yelled at you = not sure…
sent you an email = Ivy!

said “I love you” and meant it = yes
gone out in public in your pajamas = not yet
kept a secret from everyone = yes
cried during a movie = yes
planned your week based on the TV Guide = no
been on stage = yes and I miss it
been to New York = not yet
been to California = yes!
been to Hawaii = not yet
been to Japan = not yet
been to Canada = not yet
been to Europe = not yet
been to Asia = not yet
been down South = well, I’ve been to Florida by way of Georgia–does driving through it count?
what time is it now = 2:08AM
apples or bananas = BANANAS. of course.
blue or red = blue
walmart or target = Target!!
spring or fall = fall
what are you gonna do after you finish this = sleep or read or write
what was the last meal you ate = spaghetti
are you bored = no
last noise you heard = my typing
last smell you sniffed = what the f— kind of question is that?

do you believe in love at first sight = lust, for sure!
do you want children one day; if so, how many = I have one. THAT’S ENOUGH
most important thing to you in a friendship is = loytalty and fun

criminal record = no
do you speak any other languages = no
last book you read = Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
name some of your favorite things in your bedroom = my laptop, Pandernoodle, books
who you love = some people, Jesus
who you miss = Monica, Katie, Jennifer
nickname(s) = Ronni
initials = RLD
how old do you look = HAHAHAHAHAHA. About 16, SUCKAS
how old do you act = the question is how YOUNG do I act! Hmm, probably between 12 and 19.
glasses/contacts = yes
braces = no
do you have any pets = 3 cats
you get embarrassed = mmmhmmm
what makes you happy = my friends, music, shopping, computers, gifts
what upsets you = hurt, being told what to do or being judged, cruelty, and yeah.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my little Lucy? She’s the sweetest little kitty ever. When I got home from work, I immediately changed into some comfy clothes and climbed into bed. She was right there, cuddling with me and purring. I just love holding her and petting her little head. :)

I also love Iron Chef–the original one. I mean, I like Iron Chef America, but it’s not as good as the original–and the American version doesn’t have the guy calling out “Fuki-san!” every thirty seconds or so. Tonight’s battle was lobster. Some of those dishes looked unbelievable and delicious. I don’t even really care for lobster, or any seafood, actually. I do like fried flounder from Red Lobster, and from time to time I enjoy crab legs or cooked shrimp. Oh yeah, and orange roughy, but it has to be fried as well.

Anyway, why am I on the subject of seafood? I once worked at a seafood counter. From that job, I remember:

– Swordfish or tuna steaks marinated in teriyaki sauce = YUM
– Boston Scrod often comes in with worms in it. If the worms are alive, the fish is fresh. If the worms are dead, throw the fish out.
– Scallops stink to high heaven, as does creamed herring.

I got loads of Christmas cards today, and Aidan got a package from Aimzy! I set it on his new Ohio State table and chairs set so he can open it when he comes home. Ooo, my little guy is going to be so spoiled. And the ironic thing? He and I had this conversation a few weeks ago:

Ronni: Do you want Santa Claus to bring you toys for Christmas?
Aidan: No, I already have toys.
R: How about clothes?
A: No, I already have clothes.
R: How about candy?
A: No, I already have candy.
R: How about chicken and french fries?
A: No–mmmhmmm.

HA HA HA. I can’t wait to squeeze him tomorrow today.

Anyway, I’m going for now. ‘Til next time! :)

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