I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been busy. Sleeping, that is. :)

I did end up going to The Grove. Just because Garth told me to. And because people graciously offered to babysit for me, thus freeing me up to go and enjoy myself and stay out as late as I wanted. Word. The message was about “community” and relationships. I was going crazy because for some hare-brained reason, I left my journal in the car. I couldn’t take notes or doodle. I hate that.

I saw all of my friends. Holly and Robert were there too. I purposely didn’t sit by them because I wanted them to get to know other people in the young adult ministry at Heritage. I sat with Katie. She’s so funny and cool. Meagan G was there–she never shows up at those things, so it was such a treat to see her. She’s awesome. We did some thing–speed community it was called. It’s a take off of speed date. You meet as many people as you can…well, never mind. It was a lot of fun and I ended up talking to some really cool people. :)

The service promptly ended at 9 and that is when the fun really began. The hardcore people stayed behind to socialize, tear down, or both. Tami arranged a trip to Steak N Shake, so off Garth, Rob, Tami, Kim, Chad Jr, Tyler, Kelly, and I went. Those were good times. Totally reminded me of the Perkins runs I used to do with Tony and Holly and the gang back in the day. I even ate again–Chicken tenders and fries (from the kid’s menu) and it did not make me sick. In fact, it was quite yummy! :) (I’m craving chicken tenders and fries right now).

I wish I could remember every detail of the adventures in Steak N Shake. So much fun stuff happened that I can’t type here because I simply cannot recall it anymore. :( But I do remember the important things:

1. The cool waiter named Trevor.
2. Garth and Tami constantly throwing things at each other.
3. Rob drinking creamer and “slurping” relish onto his burger (slurping was Tyler’s word, not mine!)
4. Tyler leaving his credit card behind.
5. Rob picking up one side of Tami’s car. WITH HER IN IT. It was running, too.

Yeah, it was a a good time. :) I didn’t get home until one. Needless to say, I was pretty tired yesterday. Luckily, Aidan hadn’t taken a nap and he was exhausted by the time we got home. Although he fought it for 45 minutes, he finally went to sleep. We both did. First, we fell asleep in the easy chair. Then, I took him upstairs and put him in the bed with me. I didn’t even bother to take out my contacts or change. I DIDN’T EVEN COME NEAR MY COMPUTER! WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?? I fell asleep in my clothes, as did Aidan. We slept and slept and slept. The phone rang a few times, waking me up (bugger!) but it didn’t take long to go back to sleep. I finally got out of bed at one to take out my contacts and put my hair in curlers. I’d planned to take my shower this morning. Well, somehow, after I hit snooze, the alarm didn’t go off. I wanted to be up at 6:35. I didn’t get up til 6:51. Mind you, I am supposed to be at work by 7:30. It takes me 45 minutes to get there anymore thanks to the stupid traffic. (If I leave early enough, IN THEORY it only takes 25-30 minutes). I took the quickest shower ever and headed out. Aidan woke up early and when he heard the train whistle, he popped his head up and said “choo-choo!”

I felt refreshed this morning, but got frustrated at work at doing the same-old same-old. Then a mistake I had made was pointed out to me. Michael was very pleasant about it, but I HATE making mistakes. HATE.IT. Grrrr. Everything got straightened out, though. But again. I hate it. :[

Hmmm. I’m hungry. For chicken strips and french fries. HEY, you know what? I only have 8 days til I can eat McDonalds again! The past few days have been really hard as far as this fast goes. Probably because I know the end is near. I just keep thinking about those McNuggets and a cherry pie and I get all wobbly inside. Ooohhh.. McDonalds. Only 8 more days. I CAN DO IT. Dang it.

Is tomorrow really Friday? Does this mean I don’t have to dig through my closet to find appropiate business casual wear? I can wear jeans and a sweater and be somewhat myself, but not really? YES! Oh, and it will start the weekend too once 4pm hits. Chris says he’s working early tomorrow which means help with Aidan. YAY.

I am longing to hang out with certain people.

1. Katie P (live4himalways)
2. Bizzy (otaku_witch)
3. Emily (yoimemily)
4. Becky G (rumor has it that she has a LJ, but I don’t know her username)

If I don’t hang out with them soon, I might explode.

Okay then. I’m going to go. Later, folks! :)

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