1. Showering Aidan with kisses.
2. Aidan seeing a picture of me on the computer and going “Mommy!”
3. Aidan saying more and more words spontaneously like “choo-choo” when he sees a train, and “baby” when he sees a baby, and “bear” when he sees a Care Bear!
4. Driving really quickly down Haven’s Corners, and going over that bump between Summit and Mink. The one that makes my stomach tingle.
5. Singing worship music at the top of my lungs while driving down said street.
6. Dinner with the inlaws.
7. A clean bedroom (at least, my half), loft, guestroom, and Aidan’s room At Last
8. The prospect of acquiring a new electronic sometime this week.
9. Payday this Wednesday.
10. Lunch plans with an old friend.
11. Vacation next week!
12. A nice, warm bath.

I’m craving spaghetti. And I have a shopping list. Here goes:

1. Printer
2. Do-rags
3. Cookie dough
4. Cookie sheets
5. Ziploc baggies

Oh crap, I still have to make my lunch for tomorrow! And get ready for bed. Good night!!

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