I got carded today. THREE TIMES! At the Venetian! Finally. I was getting worried, ya know. Did I look older than 21? What was going on? What’s messed up is that last night, I had 2 ponytails and a Dora The Explorer do-rag on, and I sat at the bar and got drink after drink, no questions asked.

I guess it depends on the casino; how lax they are with their rules.

Anyway, today was beautiful. A perfect day. THIS is Vegas. The crowds, the sunshine, the traffic. This makes one fall in love with the city. It’s simply gorgeous here. I got to see the Venetian today. I can’t even describe it. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you because it is incredible. Also went to The Mirage, and to the Flamingo and shopped in the Maragritaville store. I FINALLY saw an Elvis today, at Barbary Coast, and he was fat!

At the Venetian, one of the jackpots was an Audi TT roadster. Oh, how lovely that little car was. Unfortunately, I did not win the lovely little car. I don’t gamble enough to win big around here. I just keep thinking ‘this is real money.’

Breakfast buffet this morning, lunch in the Venetian food court. Dinner will probably be in the buffet tonight. Yummy.

My favorite casino is the MGM Grand. My favorite buffet was the Bellagio. My favorite shopping was the Shoppes at the Bellagio, followed closely by the Forum Shops at Ceaser’s Palace. Gosh, there is still so much I want to do, I have to come back. Heehee. Next time, I’m staying on the strip, too. That will be sweet and save on cab fares and stuff.

I can’t believe I go back to Ohio tomorrow. I’m gonna miss it here. I can’t wait to come back! :)

Off to dinner now. Later, folks!

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