We check out at noon. The flight leaves at around 3pm. We arrive in Cleveland at about 10pm. Another 4 hours on a plane, then I’ll be almost home. Official home doesn’t happen til tomorrow, when Chris gets me to take me back to Columbus/Pataskala. So, I’ll miss church. I’ll probably be tired anyway and want to sleep.

I’m tired now, It’s 9:30am PST, and I’m thinking a short nap will need to happen. Let’s hope housekeeping doesn’t decide to clean the room. But then, that’s what Do Not Disturb signs are for. :) I think I may have to utilize it.

Vegas was a good time. Again, I can’t wait to come back with a couple of girlfriends and just kind of party it up. Or at least have some quality “girly-time.” Any takers? :) Kristie, I already got your memo; of course you’re invited! :)

Just so you know, dial-up sucks. I keep getting kicked off and I have a feeling that they’re charging me 75 cents to dial out again every single time. Fart knockers. I can’t wait to get back to broadband. :)

Alright. Nappy time. Later, folks.

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