Beggar’s Night is going on right now. So why am I inside, you ask? Because WE RAN OUT OF CANDY. I underestimated the children in the neighborhood.

Note to self: Telling children to take one doesn’t work. They still try to get as many as possible. Therefore, I have to NOT be lazy and actually hand out the candy next year, instead of holding out the bowl and asking them to take one.

My favorite costumes of the night were:
1. Harry Potter
2. Mickey Mouse
3. Giraffe
4. The Columbus Bluejacket player with a sign on his back that read “NHL Player Looking For Work”
5. The dog dressed as a bumblebee

And of course, Aidan as SUPERMAN!!! He and Chris are off to some church Halloween party and he has the camera, so I’ll upload the pics when he gets back. I am going to indulge in some spaghetti, I think, and perhaps a nice, long bath. Mmmmmm.

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