Month: October 2004

A Question

I was told today by a friend that I am very transparent. That my feelings show through on my face in a very obvious manner. Those of you who know me in “real life,” (or who have at least met me) please answer me. Is this true? Can you read everything I’m feeling and thinking? Can you tell that I have secrets, and if so, what they are? Leave me a message here and let me know….

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Temper Tantrum

Aidan is throwing his first real live temper tantrum. I’m talking banging his head against things, jumping, screaming, stomping, kicking, just having a right fit. All because I gently took a marker from him that he was using to mark up the door and floor. He’s FURIOUS over such a little thing. I’m just ignoring him as advised. Please Lord let this pass soon.

Seriously. All this over a marker? I can think of bigger things to be pissed off about!

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Weird Random Things

Some weird random things I forgot to post about.

1. When we landed in Vegas, the flight attendant said “Welcome to Lost Wages, I mean Las Vegas Nevada.”
2. At the airport yesterday, I ran into a guy I work with. I knew he’d be in Mexico the same week I was in Vegas; totally did not expect to see him at Cleveland Hopkins airport. The funny thing is that I’d been thinking about him and his trip, but I was sure he’d be landing at Port Columbus International. Just goes to show, huh?
3. The bullriders came into town Thursday night. There were tons of them, all in cowboy hats and big belt buckles. There were also lots of gay people. My mom doesn’t think there is a such thing as a gay convention. I am not sure. Is there?
4. One of the costumed people at the Venetian graduated from Ohio State. She was a music major. She said to me: “Here is the true test. O-H!” And I said “I-O.” That’s how she knew I was a true Buckeye. :)
5. The entire city of Vegas is SMOKING FRIENDLY. That boggled my mind. People were walking through the malls with cigarettes. All restaurants had smoking, and there was smoke everywhere. It stunk, especially in the older casinos. That part I did not like.
6. Gas prices in Las Vegas averaged $2.27 a gallon.
7. NO ONE had those stupid magnets on the backs on their cars.
8. I talked to another guy and he was from Pittsburg. Why is it that we travel across the country only to find people from our own states/cities or darn close?
9. I finally got carded at my own hotel, one hour before I was supposed to leave for the airport. How is that for ironic?

I was seriously gobsmacked at the amount of money people were throwing away in those machines. All of them trying to hit it big. I was just floored that people would waste money like that on the off chance they might win the Megabucks jackpot, which was well above $13 million. I mean, unreal. And the people drive like they’re crazy. I heard 2 fender benders within hours of each other on Friday. Insane!

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