Only 8 days til Disneyworld!!

I’m excited to go to Disney, but man, I’m going to be missing loads of happenings back home during that week:

– Acting in the play (I was going to play the lead!)
– Broomball (So much fun)
– Meeting Sarah
– Irena’s baby shower
– Scrapbooking at Archivers (okay, so I haven’t been yet…)
– Depression talk (Women’s study for The Grove)

I plan on getting a Mickey Mouse watch while I’m there, and one of those little Mickey Mouses that go on top of car antennae. I’ve always wanted one of those and now that I have a car, I can finally give it the finishing touch. Well, not quite. The finishing touch would be a fuzzy pink steering wheel cover but I’m having a hard time finding one of those….

Anyway. Disney should be fun. I’m going to miss all that stuff, and my friends (that’s TWO Friday nights I’ll miss *sniffle* so this one has to be GOOD), but I’ll be near MICKEY MOUSE and I’ll get to take loads of pictures. YAY.

Allergies are… well, not exactly terrible, but my eyes have been itching non-stop. I can’t wait to get some rest. There was a small group reunion at Garth’s tonight (didja check out his band’s website? Didja, didja?). It was okay.

The Grove… whoa. Lots of things tried to keep it from happening. First, The Bark gave me all kinds of headaches. The new template wouldn’t save, then it’d do weird things. Jenny E and I both forgot to get the cartoon from Joe, the small group information wouldn’t format correctly, so both of those had to be left out. The first printouts of The Bark—the collage printed out in negative (black instead of white, etc). I had to use a different printer to get it to come out right. I got to the church office early yesterday to make the copies and it was locked!


Luckily, the young-adult-pastor’s wife was there, and she got the key from the Sr. pastor’s wife who was also floating around. The pastor was sick, so his wife had to teach last night. She did a good job, though. She glows when she’s up on that stage.

The worship team didn’t get the songs done until right before show time! I hit the wrong button on the remote and turned the projectors completely off. And Power Point crashed about five times. Luckily, most of that happened before The Grove started! But during The Grove, the audio for the “Where’s The Love” video refused to work, so we had to skip it.

Monday was a little bit high stress. But traffic was great, and Aidan was a doll. I had fun talking to people. I got to see Rob, Garth was there, and Craig was kind enough to watch Aidan, so I didn’t have to deal with him on top of all the running around I was doing for The Grove yesterday.

I have a secret! Well, not really. Just a surprise-in-the-making. For a special someone. But that someone won’t get the surprise for months yet because I haven’t even begun anything other than the planning on it. I’m very excited!

And…I’m very tired, and now I’m emotionally drained. Won’t get into it now.

I actually should go. *sigh* My evening ended on a huge damper and I’m really sorta down. :( Later.

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