Today = Last Full Day at Disneyworld. :(

We totally took it easy today. Didn’t get to Magic Kingdom ’til about one o’clock. The bus ride there was less than pleasant. The bus was crowded (even though we’d snuck over to All-Star Music and got on before the All-Star Movie people) and I had to stand. The bus was very hot and I started to feel sick. Chris (who was sitting with Aidan) noticed and jumped up and made me take his seat. I would have puked had he not done that; he said I was starting to turn green!

We got to the park and once I was outside, I felt better. We went into Magic Kingdom and got some Photopass pictures taken. :) On our way to lunch, we met up with the Queen of Hearts by the Mad Tea Party:

See, she’s a villian, but even she couldn’t resist Aidan’s cuteness! She was very nice to him, but mean to Chris, hahahaha! :D

Then we ate at my favorite Magic Kingdom place–the Starlight Cafe. It was a MADHOUSE! It took me a long time to find a seat! But the food was very yummy, as always. Then we went to Belle’s Storytime. Guess who I got to meet:

*GRIN!* After Belle, Chris took me back to Ariel’s Grotto. The line was really long, but it was worth it, she was beautiful:

We also got to meet Peter Pan and Wendy (no pictures for that one yet, Chris only took one of Aidan with them), and after that, we walked around some more. It was really hot today, and I think it was because we were out during peak sun time. Usually I’m napping during that time!

Exhausted, we headed back to the buses, but stopped in a few stores and the Photopass place on the way out. I got to meet–okay, I’m not even sure of his name, but I’m sure he’s from Robin Hood? Can anyone clue me in? There was no line and he was cool:

Aidan got a last glimpse of Goofy before we headed out.

I am worn out, and I guess I’m ready to go home. Hungry for a burger from the Starlight Cafe, but that’ll have to wait ’til next year! :D

Check out tomorrow is at 11:00am, and The Magical Express will be here to pick us up at 12:10 pm. We’re thinking of popping into Animal Kingdom for a couple of hours, but if that doesn’t happen, I won’t be too disappointed. We’ve had quite a full trip already!

Time to start packing. :( ‘Til next time…

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