I started this last night and forgot to actually post the darn thing! Note the edits. :)

Green tea Japanese incense. It smells so wonderful. I couldn’t burn the entire stick though, because Chris isn’t wasn’t feeling well and it’s it was irritating him. I did get enough, however. Mmmm.

Saw Stomp tonight last night with Rob, Tyler, and Becky. It was okay, I expected more noise, though. I think Aidan would definitely enjoy it, if he were sitting up close. Tyler and I arranged to get the tickets through Nationwide Activities, since I work there, I got a discount. But they made a huge snafu. I kept asking Tyler if they’d sent him the tickets (he was the billing address) and he never got them. We got to the box office and there were no tickets for us. Tyler and I both had confirmations, and they looked me up. The company had never printed ANY of the Nationwider tickets! So, the lady did some stuff on the computer, noted Tyler’s crutches*, and gave us seats on the orchestra level instead of the mezzanine, where we were originally going to go. So it worked out anyway.

Afterwards, we went eat a Chipotle and McDonalds. :) Tyler tripped up the stairs on the way to the car from the Palace Theatre. I’d been keeping an eye on him, and I looked away for a second and down he went. Poor guy. Hopefully he’ll be off of those crutches soon. Although watching him hop around and also try to hobble away as quickly as possible everytime Rob “threatens” him is hilarious.

* Tyler is fine, no injuries. He had minor foot surgery last Tuesday and is obviously doing well.

Quote of the Night (this is the only one I can remember!)
– Did she just say bootyspankin’?
– I had a feeling she was getting ready to go into a monologue about me.

Tomorrow is Today was back to normal for me. I do miss Disney, but I finally have one of those cool Mickey Mouse antennae toppers on my car! :) It looks so cute, but it makes my attennae flop around a bit. ‘Tis okay, though.

Ugh, crappy weather. Rain and cool. :( Can’t wait til summer. Pretty soon, eh?

Alright then. I’m off to I slept in the guest room because Chris is was not wearing his CPAP mask due to his cold which means TRIPLE THE SNORING.


So yeah. I’m ganking the neighbor’s internet because mine is down somehow. :

I spend 9 days with DIAL UP and I come home to 1.0 mbps from my neighbor’s LAME router. Boohoo. Time to go troubleshoot, just when I was going to clean for once.

Let me tell you how much fun it is to drive your two-year old son and make fart noises with your mouth together. Classic, good times. :D


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