I was checking out The Plain Dealer’s website for articles on that fire. As I was browsing, my skin started to crawl and I remembered how much I actually loathe and DESPISE that city.

I grew up there and I have a few good memories (mostly due to a select few people), but most of the memories are oppressing (due to a larger group of people).

I see the dirty looks that I get from people who think I never should have been born because my skin isn’t the right color, and/or they can’t figure out what/who I’m supposed to be. Or they have an idea that I don’t conform to which pisses them off.

When I think of school, the good memories are increasingly overshadowed by the overcrowding, the cynicism, the negativity, the lack of encouragement, not fitting in. High school was almost utter hell for me, save the fun times I had with those select few.

I never want to live there again.

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