Just got back from another vacation. Not as amazing as Disney, but it did have its good points:

– I got to see very pretty mountains!
– I got to SHOP (very important). :)
– Stores on the Cherokee American Indian Reservation are awesome. I got the cutest hat!

Here are some pictures:

Me at the Tennessee/North Carolina state line

The Chimney Tops

Me, in Gatlinburg. Check out the hat! :)


Not sure if I want to go back. It was a cool one-time thing, but honestly, I prefer Disney. :)

(Besides, the internet connection there was HORRIBLE. It was dial-up, but horrendous. VERY VERY VERY SLOW. Ugh. The one in Disney was at least stable!)

I learned a few things while I was there. Not pretty, either.

– People will use you ’til you’re sucked dry. The sad thing is that they either don’t know they’re doing it, or they do, see how it affects you, and still don’t give a shit. I’m not sure which is worse.
– Most care only about themselves and their own agendas. And if it means hurting someone (namely me) to get that agenda solved, then so be it.
– People lie to themselves. Ridiculously.

I think it’s time for me to start making changes. Again. I’m tired of drama, of being hurt, of feeling like I’ll never be “good enough.” Screw it. I’m good enough for Aidan and that’s quite adequate.

Argh. Work tomorrow. I need to get to bed soon; I’m tired. Lots of time in the car over the past few days. I’m ready for a hot bath, then glorious sleep. But maybe some spaghetti first. ‘Til next time…

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