What in the name of arse is this?

Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease.

Wow, that’s all I have to say. And I say that because I’d be the one to buy it. HAHAHAHA.

I’m feeling a lot better now. Everything is okay. Again, I’m glad my friends are more level-headed than I am. Becky & Rob, thanks for all you guys do and all you guys put up with from me. Jennifer, you’ve never hurt me. Thank you for checking in. I owe you an email times nine. Andy, thank you for checking in as well. All of you who offered your hugs–I do feel them and appreciate them. :)

You know, I hadn’t even skipped my medicine. Only God knows what I would have been like if I had!

I skipped The Grove tonight. Didn’t feel like being with a lot of people. Got to have some quality time with Becky which is always wonderful. Before that, I took a pain killer to help knock out this migraine and I slept. It felt great. I might do the same tomorrow, especially if this migraine isn’t all the way gone. I took four ibuprofen because I’m running low on the pain killers. I only want to save those for the heavy duty pain. Man, do I love the way I feel when those things kick in, though.


I got Anna Nalick’s CD today and I love every single bit of it. It’s going onto my iPod ASAP.

I’m going to finish my dinner and go to bed. G’night!

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