So, the Time Warner guy came out to check out our Broadband connection. Apparently, there was LOTS wrong with it, hence all the time-outs and instability. He ran the line directly in instead of through that dumb Greyfox thingy for one thing, but before that, apparently lightening had struck the drop box and some of it was charred! He had to cut the charred pieces away and put in new ones.

So hopefully my connection will be a lot more stable from now on. Yippee! :)

Last night was fun. Becky, Tyler, and I went to Rob’s to watch a couple of movies, eat pizza, and chill. We watched Boondock Saints (amazing film) and Hostage (not so much). We got ice cream and Becky bought Harry Potter at Meijer (the workers were dressed in wizard gear and were passing out candy), and I didn’t leave til 3am! It was a good night. Tyler said a hilarious quote about asses but darned if I can remember. : It was funny, though.

Rob had an idea of us riding bikes. Tyler and Becky were all up for it. I was quiet, but went along with it. The plan fell through (no good resources for obtaining air for the tires), but it was interesting. Huge storm kicked up last night. Not so scary when with a bunch of people.

So Wednesday, I had my first real fender bender. And when I say “real” I mean I had to actually report this to the insurance. I rear-ended a guy who was here on business. It was the company car which explains why he wasn’t upset at all. He was very nice, I was very nice. He didn’t file a report (YAY) and only if it costs more than $750 to pay for his repairs (a dent in the bumper and a few scratches) will I get a 10% surcharge at the next policy renewal. I’m not getting mine fixed. I just ended up with a few minor scratches. I have worse ones. They give the car character. It was really loud. Let me tell you, hitting a car really moves things around and I found some stuff I thought I’d lost!

Speaking of cars, I need to wash mine badly! Like, WHOA. The inside is a mess–I have several changes of clothes, papers, socks, shoes. It’s kind of crazy. I need an oil change like whoa, but I’m going to have to wait on that til I get paid again. Let’s just say that I’ve been extremely frugal lately and the only reason I have Harry Potter coming is because I pre-ordered it in January!

I wasn’t too frugal for lunch yesterday, but it worked out. I got my usual chicken nuggets and fries (the people there pretty much expect that out of me), then they offered me a free sample of their new turkey subs. That was very yummy once I removed the tomato. Mmmm. They also gave me a large fry instead of a McValue fry. The fry had a code on it for some kind of game. I just entered the code and lost but I got $5 off of a Playstation 2 game. I have $10 in reward zone certificates already, so basically, I can get a $20 game for $5. :D Cool, huh? And since McD’s is selling peach pies for a season instead of cherry, there is $1 that I save when I go. I don’t mind the peach ones, but the cherry ones are the best by far. Yumm.

My Spectromagic pin came in the mail yesterday. I got it from MrDisneyPins. $6 per pin and free shipping and a money back guarantee. Seriously, how can one beat that? I have to be careful and make sure I don’t get irresponsible with it. His listings are a pin collector’s dream. ºOº

In case you didn’t know, I am a HUGE Disney pin collector, so if any of you have pins that you just NEED to get rid of, I’ll be happy to take them off of your hands. I’m not really a trader, just a collector. So yeah. :)

I’m tired now, but I’ll be okay. Harry Potter comes in the mail today!! If not, I get my money back. Heehee. Aidan knows who he is. I showed him the cover of Goblet of Fire and asked who it was. He answered “‘arry Podder” in the cutest little voice! Awwwww.

I’ll bet the amusement parks and zoos are quiet today since everyone will be home reading. Heehee.

‘Til later!

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