I’d made plans to relax this evening, catch up on Harry Potter, do some laundry, give Aidan a haircut.

But then Rob IMed me and asked if I wanted to join everyone on his boat.

I’d never ridden a boat before. No way was I going to turn down this chance.

It was so much fun. I need to have a boat someday. Probably fifteen years from now or so. It was amazing! The water hitting my face, the breeze. No wonder people are so into boating. Wow.


My favorite picture of me from the night.

Becky on the boat.

Happy Chris and Aidan. It was Aidan’s first time as well and he loved it. Then it lulled him to sleep!

Mark looking hot. I was excited to see him, I hadn’t seen him since Chicago.


My hair after it had been in the wind a while. I heard myself being compared to a lion….

Good times, man. Good times.

I’ve got work to do! :D Good night! :)

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