Aidan is taking a bath. He likes to keep the water running for some reason. When I asked him if he wanted a shower instead, he said “No.”

I went to Easton today and guess what! I didn’t buy one thing! I was with megnita who set a boundary. No buying anything unless it was under $5. Wouldn’t you know, it’s the time of year when very little is on sale. I saw a couple of remotely cute things for under $5, and of course, the outfits in Forever 21 and Aeropostale were calling my name, BUT I RESISTED! My heart is on bigger and better things now (like ºOº!!) and I have to keep my focus. :D

I feel proud.

Although, I had to break my “no credit” rule. I was doing a purge of my wallet this morning, and I accidently cut up my debit card instead of the joint account debit card. Luckily I have a new one already, but it wasn’t activated yet. I’d forgotten about this til I went to pay for my and Aidan’s dinner. Out came the Target Visa for that and for gas–but I’m paying those parts off right away so it’s just like I paid cash for it anyway. YAY. Thank goodness for online billpay.

Aidan was good for the most part while I was out, but there were parts when he was a right brat. ARGH. Then, as we were leaving, he got his hand caught in the elevator and screamed. Poor baby. Everyone around us was freaking out. He calmed down after about eight minutes, though and was wanting to push buttons and play. He’s totally back to normal now. There was some minor swelling in his hand, but it’s gone now and he’s drawing so I think he’s gonna be okay. :)

He surprised me by eating one of those Cinnabon sticks. The boy normally won’t touch anything “breadlike” (in front of me, anyway), but he ate one and a half of those! They were yummy, so I can see why.

Dinner was yummy. Max & Erma’s. Mmmm. Megan and I shared that fruit and whipped cream thingy. Truthfully, $4.29 or whatever is a little much for such a simple dessert, but it was good just the same.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, I got a package from dwagonfry today!!!! ºOº It’s awesome! I love it all, Rosa!!!!!! :D:D:D I’ll definitely hug Aidan for you.

Um, I gotta go. Aidan’s disappeared and I thought I heard the sound of things ripping. Later!

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