I started off the evening at 8:30pm with a large set of emails:

Now, at 9:23pm, this is where I am:

All of those are long emails that I’ll have to take a while to answer. Since I took two Tylenol PM and I’m starting to feel them now, I won’t be getting to those tonight. Maybe tomorrow night, though. Take heart, those of you who are waiting! I will get back to you, I promise!

Work has been great. They let us out early today for the holiday weekend. I went to the mall to spend my giftcards. I had $100 to American Eagle and $50 to Barnes and Noble. I did well. I got some stuff at Aeropostale (of course) and Forever 21. I got some Happy from Clinique and got my bonus. Yes, it’s BONUS time at Clinique. I also bought some perfume at Sephora–Dior Addicted 2. I got some samples of some fragrances and got Aura at American Eagle–it was on sale for $4.99! But of course, I just used my gift card in there. So yeah, I will be smelling yummy!

And… *GASP* I paid a fortune to get my hair done. It needed it desperately and I did NOT want to do it. So I waltzed into Regis, asked a few questions, and emerged a while later with this:

All I have to say is that JASON is awesome. I LOVE what he did to my hair and I’ll be going back, oh yes. I’m digging the flat-ironed look.

I also went to Best Buy today and got a 512 megabyte Memory Stick for my trip to California. :) I had a 10% off coupon, PLUS Reward Zone. Guess what else? I BOUGHT BOONDOCK SAINTS! It was only $9.99! SCORE. I was expecting it to be $23.99 or something crazy like that. :D

At Barnes and Noble, I bought several books and a David Arkenstone CD. At work, many of us our connected through iTunes, and we share music. One of the people has a lot of New Age. I stumbled across this David Arkenstone and he is AMAZING. So yeah, I had to buy it. Yay.

Got gas for $2.99 a gallon today. Cost me $25.05 to fill up.

I am FREE for a week! :) Chris and Craig are in AZ, Aidan is with his Grandmommy. AND I have Monday off! This is going to be awesome! I should get a lot of writing done. If I can stay off the drugs, that is.

Guess what?

That’s what.

Just kidding. I learned a new phrase at work the other day: Ma tootin’ little kablusions. It’s totally made up but funny as hell. I love my job and my co-workers. It’s so much fun and the work is interesting and not so hard. I get a lot of free time and I like feeling like I can be more myself. I mean, I can say “that is not grammatically correct” and the people there GET IT. THEY GET ME. It’s great!!! Plus, all the Science I’m learning. It’s great.

So this is weird? I did a major photo shoot of Gracie and Fi the other day, but now, the Memory Stick is saying empty. What the hell…?

DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A DECENT PHOTO OF A CAT? Yeah, it’s like that. I’m kind of disappointed that those pictures didn’t come out for some reason. I’d better check out the Stick to make sure it’s working okay.

Things To Do This Weekend
– clean out car
– clean closet and bedroom
– write
– relax

And New Orleans…

My friend Lauren is driving down next week to help with the relief efforts. I would appreciate your prayers and for you locals, anything you can donate would be helpful! She’s looking for clothes, baby stuff, gas money, phone cards, anything that will help her do her work and also help those who are suffering so much. They’re so in my prayers. Some of the stuff I read made me nearly cry. It’s heartbreaking enough to lose everything you own, but to end up being raped or robbed on top of that? Why? :( It’s not fair.

I have so much to donate. Can’t wait to get on it.

So yeah, the meds are really kicking in now. I’ll catch ya later! :)

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